Roli Roti (SF)

A couple months ago, CT and I decided to plan a trip to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend. She had never been before so we made sure to hit up all of the tourist sites. Of course, there was plenty of eating to do too. Join us as we recap our wonderful time on the West coast.

On Day 2 of our trip, we woke up and heading downtown to the Ferry Terminal Building for the Saturday Farmers Market. In addition to a plethora of fresh produce, cheeses and meats there are a bunch of food vendors too. Ever since Yvo went a couple of years ago, we knew this would have to be a stop on our trip for one thing: ROLI ROTI!

After navigating the huge market (think at least three times the size of the Union Square greenmarket in NYC), we found the Roli Roti stand and the line. It was parked outside Sur La Table. The line was pretty long, but we got there right during the lunch rush. Since they have been in business for years now, they have the assembly line down pat so the line moved relatively quickly.

While waiting our mouths began to water from the smells of roasting chickens and porchettas.

The menu was small, so that’s why the line moved quickly. Hmm, would a whole porchetta roll get through TSA inspection at the airport??

Since we were starving, we just got two sandwiches ($9.50 each) instead of waiting for the chicken to be ready too. It was also quite hot in the sun, so food was needed quickly.

The sandwiches were pretty big, so well worth the price.

They were full of delicious pork with a good amount of crispy skin and plenty of lucious pork fat. The arugula added a bit of pepper flavor to cut through the rich pork. The roll was the perfect vehicle to soak up the dripping juices. Extra napkins and a wet wipe were required.

CT says: The sandwich was really good – juicy, delicious and very very rich. I was starving, but shockingly I couldn’t finish the whole thing on my own, it was too much by the end and my mouth just felt coated in grease (as were my arms). The arugula helped cut through some of the fat, and without it I don’t think I wouldn’t gotten through even half, but it was still really rich. Definitely something to try on a trip to SF, but I’m not sure I could eat it more than once a year without my heart failing.

All in all, Roli Roti was quite an excellent and HUGE sandwich. One was more than enough for one person. I was glad to finally have it after many friends’ trips to San Fran before me. Roli Roti brings their trucks to a many different sites on different days, so be sure to check out the website for specific information. Fingers crossed that they come to NYC…

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      • Putry says

        Had a chance to get there a culope of times in the last month. Went alone and last time with my wife. We both agree that you have to put in the top ten list of sandwiches that we’ve ever had. I’ve only tried the porchetta because it’s so damn tasty. For 8 bucks considering the sandwich, I thought it was a good deal.

  1. says

    I’m insisting on revisiting Roli Roti next trip out. I still remember that sandwich, pretty much exactly as you describe it!

    The potatoes are pretty interesting too, since they catch all the drippings from above. They’re just vehicles for all that fat, but… fat!

  2. GS says

    What is their web-site so I can check out the different locations they go too. Live here in Ca. never been to Ferry building, but sure would love to try that sandwich.

  3. Goats says

    No more TT posts???? Tuesday passed, and no post! Is FF going under???? These extended breaks are just NOT allowed!!!!!

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