After hitting two bakeries, TC and I continued our walk and found ourselves outside Rubirosa and across from Parm (Yankees Stadium location in the post).  TC commented wanting to try it; I decided we had time before I had to meet DLS, so we went in and sat at the bar. 

Parm 01

It’s super hard to see because of the lighting, but underneath that sign and between the coffee machine and the glasses on the shelves… is a photo of Darryl Strawberry.  I had to laugh and asked the bartender what’s up with that, when Parm is at Yankees Stadium.  He mentioned that one of the owners is a huge Mets fan.  Yay! 

Parm 05

Because of the odd hour we were there, only seating at the bar was permitted and they had a super limited menu.  That was just fine by TC, who only wanted a chicken parm sandwich (I was still full from our burgers at Minetta Tavern).  Please note what it says next to the calamari – “check the sign” – this will be explained later. 

Parm 02Parm 03

His sandwich arrived pretty quickly.  My hand for scale… it’s a little bit bigger than my hand (which is about 7, 7.5″ long). 

Parm 04

Cross section.  I didn’t try a bite of the sandwich, though I did try a piece of the chicken parm.  Here’s the thing.  If you search this blog for mentions of chicken parm, you’ll note that I have not ordered it.  I’ve made it once, I believe (not sure I posted about that), I’ve eaten bites here and there because exBF loved it, but I really never got into the idea of frying a cutlet crisp… then smothering it in sauce and cheese.  The best chicken parms I’ve ever had managed to retain crisp texture underneath sauce and cheese, but I still never think to order it.  It just isn’t something I think to get… so I have very little reference for a comparison.  However… I thought this was truly excellent.  TC, who eats chicken parm heroes once a week or something like that, said it was really really good… so I’ll take his word for it.  I mean, I did think it was excellent, but I just want to put it out there that I am no expert on chicken parm.  I just know this was really effing tasty. 

Parm 06

And if you want calamari, check the sign – they only have it when they can get it the best possible available.  If it doesn’t look too good that morning, they don’t buy any, and they can’t serve any.  Not a bad deal at all – as you can see, green light, so we could have gotten it that day, but I just wasn’t hungry.  (I had a soda and a lovely conversation with our very cute bartender, who is a Cubs fan unfortunately.)  Super cool sign, right? 

Yvo says: I really have to get back over here and eat a real meal.  Lunch sometime soon perhaps… when the full menu is available and we can pig out!  TC?!  ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. says

    this place has been on the top of our list for a while now. we tried going a couple sundays ago since CT volunteers at a dog shelter nearby, but there was a 45 min wait. Definitely will be going soon (and will leave much earlier to leave plenty of waiting time).

    their whole menu looks great.

    • says

      It does! I look forward to seeing what you eat and hearing what you think. My parm experiences are so limited that I really don’t feel comfortable making sweeping statements, but this was really damn good.

    • says

      Technically, Parm @ Yankees Stadium opened first, so it’s the original location… and no, I don’t believe it does beat the other food they have there. There are only two sandwiches at Parm in Yankees Stadium – meatball parm and a turkey sandwich (not a parm), and I didn’t really like the texture of the meatball parm. I would take a Lobel’s steak sandwich for $15 (or whatever they’ll be charging this year) and an order of fried pickles from Brother Jimmy’s any day over the Parm in Yankees Stadium… but maybe that’s just me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. says

    Darryl Strawberry is a good choice for a player photo to hang, since he later played for the Yankees and worked in the front office. The Parm guys can have it both ways (even if his uniform in the photo isn’t the “correct” one).

  3. T.C. says

    The chicken parm was really good. Tasty marinara, cheesy goodness and delicious cutlet didn’t get all soggy. Def would order again.
    I dont eat it once a week (or I’d be bigger) but it is a favorite amongst hero sandwiches.
    I’m curious about the meatball but chicken is probably what I’ll desire.

    Let’s go. Calamari this time. Hopefully green lit.

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