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As I mentioned in my post about Woorijip, after dim sum at Grand Harmony, we took a long walk north to work off some of the food we’d just consumed.  Our first stop along the way, however, was Doughnut Plant!  I wrote about this place the first time I went, but never took pictures any of the subsequent visits.  I love their doughnuts and feel comfortable saying they are the best I’ve ever eaten – soft and slightly chewy, I just love the texture and the flavors and… yum. 

Anyway, this is my first (and hopefully only, ever) post that uses completely, only, entirely cell phone pictures.  My BlackBerry Torch has a 5mp camera and I don’t know why I didn’t use my camera to take any pictures, but here it is. 


That day’s flavors… yum!  Except coconut because coconut = death for me. 


TC ordered the blackout, which to my surprise and delight had chocolate pudding inside it!  I tried a bite and thought it was moist and tasty, but I think this is a cake doughnut, because it was crumbly and not chewy. 


I decided to try the peanut butter glazed blackberry jelly doughnut.  The exterior was sweet, with a bit of crunch from the peanut bits in the glaze, and the inside…


Had a nice line of blackberry jelly in it.  Slightly sweet, very dark, I really enjoyed it and again enjoyed the chewiness of the donut surrounding the jelly.  Yum! 


I think every single time I’ve been, a creme brulee donut has ended up in my bag.  It’s slightly smaller and more expensive than the other donuts, but BF really likes them, so I try to always pick one up for him if I’m there.  He loves it.  He definitely likes it better when I’m able to give it to him the same day, but that doesn’t always happen… and he still loves the donut, lauding it as “well thought out.” 

Yvo says: I love Doughnut Plant.  You should definitely check it out if you’re near any of their locations, which, for some unfathomable reason are not all listed on their website (there are locations in Korea, and I think Japan as well).  Awesome donuts – though they are not cheap at all, they are worth their price (in the $2.50-3 range). 
highly recommended

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    • says

      Bomboloni can’t hold a candle. Plus they’re a lot bigger (which in this case is not a good thing). DP has this crackly almost ‘burnt’ (brulee, dur) sugar topping to theirs that is just phenom!

  1. says

    I’ve actually been to both international locations, what can I say, Asians love them some doughnuts! That said, aside from their new location opening very soon (this week or next?), I’ve always thought the original location was the best…but it is nice to get a taste of “home” when visiting Korea or Japan.

    • says

      I guess you read my Tweets with Ryan, haha. I thought there were a bunch all over Japan and Korea (including in the airport and outside) though? It’s very hard Googling locations because the website only points to the NYC one but I find tons of blog posts on the international ones. Frustrating. And I thought there was one in the midwest – in Colorado or that area – as well.

  2. says

    I had the meyer lemon one which was good but I would have liked more lemon flavor. But I’m a lemon fiend. Pucker up!

    Mr. M&P liked the blackout as well. He liked it but it suffered a little from the cold that day.

  3. T.C. says

    Def. would get the BLACKOUT again. My kind of doughnut – cakey-goodness with gooey-filling.

    I bought the blackberry jelly one also but didn’t get to devour it but my bro thought it was adequate. I did eat a strawberry jelly filled recently that I bought from Joe’s Art of Coffee in GC. It was a decent morning treat.

    My first time eating their donut was from Joe’s a while back and I wasn’t impressed by the Triple Chocolate. The Blackout is another story plus it was fresh!! Better to get ir straight from the Plant.

  4. andrea says

    I’d be curious to see how Doughnut Plant (which I haven’t gotten around to trying) stacks up against Peter Pan….

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