Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DuMont Burger

What feels like eons ago now – back when I still worked on Saturdays at Smorgasburg – Cheese came to visit me one day, and after snafu, snafu, snafu, we decided on DuMont Burger for dinner. I’ve heard lovely things about the burger and really wanted to try it.


I am very fond of fried pickles and like to try them everywhere I see them on the menu. Luckily, they’ve become rather popular in the past few years, so I have tried them at many places now – here they are titled “Fried pickles & co.” and come alongside fried green beans and jalapenos… which I didn’t realize until I bit into one, whoops. While these were indeed fried pickles and fried bits, the batter was thick, and masked the pickle itself. I was very meh on these, though I enjoyed the tartar sauce served on the side.

IMG_8712.JPG IMG_8713.JPG IMG_8714.JPG

Now for the main attraction: the DuMont Burger! Medium rare was my request, though it came out a touch closer to medium. Plenty of house-made pickles on the side to add, along with my normal tomato and mayo on the burger… juicy, despite being cooked a little more than I desired; I don’t tend to prefer brioche for my burgers, finding it too soft, but this one actually held up fairly well. Solid, good burger – but to me, not a “go out of your way to eat this” type of burger.

I’d opted for the garlic parm fries and found these to be so-so. Cheese went for onion rings, and we both agreed those were the better choice.

Overall, a solidly good burger, and I wouldn’t decline going in were I in the area again. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there, and it’s rather far outside the realm of where I generally am. Still, it’s definitely a contender in the burger wars.

***Both my visit and writing this post occurred before I received the sad news about the owner of DuMont Burger, Colin Devlin, apparently taking his own life. My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones… I hope they find peace. I am not sure of the fate of the restaurant currently.

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6 Responses to “DuMont Burger”
  1. hungry says:

    Man, it’s been years since I’ve been to DuMont burger. However I do remember it being an excellent burger and fries cooked to my specification. Sadly, your pictures aren’t drawing up any specific memories.

  2. Chewthefat says:

    Wow–that is crazy about the owner’s suicide so soon after you visited! The restaurant business is a tough one.

  3. SkippyMom says:

    That is a great looking burger, but the toppings [L/T/O/Pickles] are stunning and would’ve taken it over the top for me. I need fresh, pretty veggies on my beef.
    And fried jalapenos? Oh bring ‘em on. [I know what's going on the side tonight for dinner.]

    I was disheartened tho’ to read about the owner. It’s so very sad.

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