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For SpB’s 33rd birthday, bridesmaids dresses were taken out of our closets, donned, and worn to brunch.

Yeah we did.

In fact, because I thought I was late (I was actually 3rd to arrive – about 15 minutes past the designated meeting time), I ran down Broadway, holding the skirt of my full-length dress up. I was also wearing a tiara.

You know what? It’s NYC. You gotta do some crazy things sometimes, and running down Broadway wearing a full-length bridesmaid dress not on my way to a wedding… that sounds about right.

But damn I looked good doing it 😉

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I opted for the  $29 two-course prix fixe, choice of starter & main or main & dessert, and started with the pastrami salmon, for which David Burke is rather famed. Mini bagel fritters that looked more like mini potatoes were chewy bites on the side. The pastrami salmon itself was very flavorful, tender and soft. I really liked this dish and how light it was – especially given what I’d chosen for my main. It wasn’t too heavy or overpowering, just a great start to brunch.

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Steak & eggs! Steak chili with home fries, topped with (my choice) fried eggs.  You can’t really see it, but there’s a reasonably-sized piece of steak under those eggs and chili bits. Not spicy – perfectly cooked, also very tender, and just delicious. I cleaned my dish, and while I was full at the end, I didn’t feel disgusting or overstuffed. I’d wanted something hearty and delicious (and my dress allowed for it!), and this fit the bill.

Ironically, the other girls (minus one, who ordered the same as I did) all got the waffle grand slam – which I did not photograph – whose menu description simply states “two eggs, sausage, bacon, grilled pineapple” but came as a mountain of food. There were at least two different types of sausage, and an enormous lot of bacon on the plate, plus the waffles and two eggs. It was a bit scary – I do not believe anyone finished their plate, and I laughed at how shockingly steak & eggs wasn’t the heaviest dish on the table. I don’t think they were as amused as I was, though.

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What birthday celebration would be complete without dessert, right? The famous cheesecake lollipop tree was brought out. While I tried one, I’m not a big cheesecake person, so it didn’t really do much for me. The girls

Overall… while I enjoyed everything I ate (and drank – it’s worth noting that the cocktails are also very good), I am in no rush to return any time soon. The food was good, but not particularly creative or amazing… with a rather high price tag. I liked what I ate, but I don’t know if it was worth what I paid.

Maybe I’ll go back for dinner.

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  1. Dessert Zombie says

    The waffle grand slam sounds like my kinda plate. Your steak & eggs with chili looks tasty and it is usually something I would enjoy.

    I went for RW a few weeks ago since friends and I wanted to try DBK. Dinner was pretty good. Delicious pork shank entree but I should’ve gotten the lamb chops. Wait service was attententive except for the lady getting us drinks. She was terrible. Spilled my cocktail on the table when it arrived. Friend waited 30 mins on 2nd beer, then we just canceled it.

    • says

      I would say the same (phrased slightly differently): they are good, but not amazing. Solid.

      And because I wrote this on Facebook but not here, I’ll add: this place seems to serve standard fare in an above average way. It’s the perfect place to take out of towners and/or a friend who isn’t adventurous with their palate, but you want to take them somewhere nice where they’ll still enjoy the food and be comfortable. The price point seems perfect for that as well.

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