Tuesdays with TT: The Crooked Knife

Last month, our friend DY was back in town for the night after wrapping up her first year of business school down south. We met up for some drinks and a bite not too far from the apartment. The Crooked Knife is one of the more authentic British pubs in NYC. They have a nice homey dining room serving classic comfort foods.

DY decided to get an appetizer and a salad.

She started with the fried calamari ($9). I had a piece. Nicely fried and not that greasy. A pretty standard preparation but delicious none the less.

She also had the caesar salad ($11). It looked pretty good, especially with the shaved parmesan.

CT decided to have the chicken pot pie ($15). It was HUGE. Hard to tell from the picture but it had to be at least a foot long. Good thing she was hungry. There was plenty of nicely sized chunks of chicken underneath the flaky crust.

CT says: I haven’t had a good pot pie in ages, so it was fun to order this. I’ll be honest, it looked HUGE and overwhelming when it came out, but it actually wasn’t that big. I mean long, yes, but the bowl itself wasn’t that deep. It ended up being just about perfect for my hungry self, with just a tad leftover. The filling had just the right amount of richness without being too creamy and upsetting my tummy. And the crust was perfectly flaky. Perfect for what I wanted.

I was in a burger mood, so I got the Crooked Knife burger ($14). It had been a while since I last had a burger there so I was surprised it wasn’t served on a plank like it used to be. Anyway, it was still a juicy, well-seasoned burger. The fries were nice and crunchy and had the right amount of salt.

All in all, The Crooked Knife was a good place to catch up with an old friend since the dining room wasn’t too loud and the food was good. Nothing about the place is especially remarkable, but sometimes you just need a nice local place to grab a bite to eat and drink a beer or two.

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  1. BLC says

    I forgot about this place.
    Thanks for reminding me.
    It looks very good, and I do remember I enjoyed when I was there.

  2. Goats says

    Dude—the bun proportion now blows there with the pretzel-like bun they are using! I was there a couple of weeks ago and I was pissed! I don’t love CK, but it is ok in a pinch. I think the burger is overpriced–and that new bun is a bummer! And yeah, wtf with no more planks!

    • Goats says

      I mean look atthe top bun and the bottom—the bottom soaks through, and the top bun is like a muffin top! Horrible proportion! It really pissed me off!

        • says

          What’s the use of the plank, anyway? Not that it would be there long enough to impart any flavor, but I don’t want a wooden burger; but I’ve seen English-style places do the burger-on-a-plank, so I figure it’s a weird Limey thing.

  3. Goats says

    I am not sure if they are slicing it themselves or not, but mine was exactly like yours was–except i think my top was even thicker! IT was ridiculous! I was like “WTF is this bs?” I wanted to throw my top at my waitress! I was discouraged by others at the table….

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