Hawaii Island Hopper CONTEST!!

Hey guys, if you haven’t heard already, I was one of 15 NYC-based food bloggers invited to participate in a contest where YOUR VOTES can send me back to Hawaii!!! I know how much you loved those posts – and love my travel posts – so if you want to see more, please vote ONCE A DAY to send me there to blog about food for Urbanspoon and Hawaiian Airlines!

“What do you mean, you don’t want to vote for me?”

Go here:


to vote for me, at least once a day please! Voting ends SUNDAY NIGHT so EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!

Thanks loveys!!! You know that will mean more food posts for you to read, right?! 🙂

“I am not amused by your reluctance to vote”

These photos are from the post I almost entered: http://feistyfoodie.com/2010/06/24/peru-machu-picchu-part-1/

Don’t make this all in vain! Vote for me!

“Pretty please?”

Today’s the last day to vote! Help me win!!! Someone pointed out that I should include a photo of me smiling. I’m actually in Connecticut right now at the Mohegan Sun BBQ Fest but here’s a photo from Saturday… and I am smiling huge. Recognize the guy I’m with?

That’s how big I’ll be smiling – and then add about 1000x – if I win this contest.

Help me smile that big by voting and telling all your friends and family to vote as well! And aside from a post if I do win, this is the last post about this contest I’ll ever write. Thanks guys!!! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

PS The guy I’m with – hope you recognize him, maybe something special for the first person to identify him in comments (aside from those people I already told! or the Twitter followers!) – was so shy, it was adorable. A friend asked me who xx was when I expressed excitement at seeing him, so I glanced towards the competitor area and saw him… then caught his eye and was trying to say “That’s xx” to my friend. When he glanced over, I lifted my hand and waved and he seemed surprised almost, then waved at me… which is when I decided to head over for a photo. He looked even more surprised, and when I told him “oh em gee, you’re like, my IDOL” he actually looked embarrassed and shy, and said “oh stop, no way” – it was SO ADORABLE.

And the guy behind me in glasses totally threw up on the announcer during the competition. I wish I was kidding. But I’m not. It was sort of awesome and totally awful.


  1. T.C. says

    Boo. I know who that is. You didn’t have to tell me.
    I hope him and K get a rematch this year.

    Threw up on announcer? Some reason, it reminds me of Stand by Me and Lardass…

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