Post-Pizza Roma, FS and I walked over to Chikalicious to continue our dessert bar exploration. I was pretty confused by there being two locations, directly across the street from each other, but one was closed. Turns out the Dessert Bar – which boasts wine pairings if you like – is only open on weekends, while the Dessert Club is a more casual setting, with counter service only. Funny, it was empty but as soon as we sat down, it became super packed.

A moment here to say – I normally go out of my way to praise excellent service. Well, the service here was just horrible. It was counter service, which is fine, but the guy behind the counter in the completely empty storefront acted like he didn’t want to be there and then gave us the least helpful answers to our questions. Dude, the menu barely explained anything so we wanted to know what certain things were – hello? Very annoying…

(Also, their website is horrible. The menu needs to be reformatted and updated.)

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My choice of the tres leches cake was pretty good – not too sweet and a nice bite. But for $7.95, ummm, not worth it.

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FS’s choice of green tea lava cake was definitely the winner of the night – a really crisp, chewy crust, with an oozing, lightly tart inside, served alongside yuzu sorbet… yum! Hers was also $7.95, and took a few minutes to come out, but honestly was way worth it while mine was laughable.  I was almost jealous of her choice, except she graciously shared with me.  Yum!!!

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I also got a cookie to go; when FS asked the guy behind the counter what it was, he said, “The situation dark.” Umm, okay; she said “What’s in it? Everything?” and he responded simply, “Yes.”  I mean, come ON!  In any case, the pretzels added a nice crunch, but the popcorn added nothing but sog to the cookie.  Chewy, buttery, delicious… but probably not worth $4, either.

Overall… I liked what we got, but the prices seemed pretty outrageous and not really worth it. I might go back – and maybe next time, I’ll go to the dessert bar – but I wasn’t so impressed that I need to get back there soon.

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  1. says

    Ouch– tough review for Dessert Club Chikalicious–but always keeping it real which is why this site will be trusted by readers.

    Usually, I am on the same page with you on your dessert reviews (we both like slightly less sweet items, not overly refined desserts, etc.) but I have to disagree on some of your complaints on their pricing. For example the tres leche cake–only Dessert Truck (from the Truck) sells less expensive made-to-order cakes of this quality–but they don’t have to pay rent. Levain charges $4.00 for their cookies and these are just as good. Just my $0.02

    • says

      The service was really just rude and unreasonably so – there was no one waiting behind us when we asked our questions, and we weren’t asking stupid questions like “is there chocolate in that” and pointing at an obviously chocolate cookie.

      Admittedly, I don’t often buy tres leches items (I can think of only a handful of times that I’ve even had it), but relative to what my friend got which was the same price, the amount of work that went into her dessert and what she got versus what I got just didn’t seem on par, so I felt a little cheated, if that makes sense.

      With regard to the cookie, Levain also is home to what most people argue is the best cookie in the city and their cookies are huge. However, specifically about this cookie? I’ve had cookies that I consider just as good or even better and they were in the $2-3 range, similarly sized. But of course, that’s personal opinion and experience… to each his/her own. And I wouldn’t kick this cookie out of bed… hehe

  2. says

    Hmm, not sure which Chikalicious I’ve been to before but I definitely sat at the counter and ordered a dessert prix fixe. It was awesome! And the service was really great too. Sure, it was years ago but my opinion was formed then. Sorry to hear your experience wasn’t up to par.

    • says

      That would be Dessert Bar. Dessert Club is counter service but you sit at tables (no room to sit at the actual counter where you order). Maybe the guy was having a bad day, but it really soured our experience.

  3. FS says

    That souffle cake was one of the best I’ve ever had! I totally agree on the tres leches cake. It wasn’t good and $8 is a bit steep for such a crappy location and even worse service. That guy behind the counter was a total idiot.

  4. says

    Tres Leches can be easily made at home. But the green tea lava cake looks amazingly tasty!

    Also, service seems a bit rude. What if there was coconut in the cookie???

    • says

      That, too – allergens and everything. Though I always ask if I suspect there’s something I’m allergic to in a dish, and I’d expect if someone was allergic to nuts, they’d be sure to ask what’s in the cookie more carefully too (as nuts are pretty common additions to cookies).

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