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After months of discussing fried chicken with my HS classmate Andrea – taunting her with my numerous fried chicken posts – we finally made good on our plans to check out Peaches Hothouse in Brooklyn.

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Of course I started with sweet tea, which was not too super sweet as I’ve had occasionally – some Yanks think they know what sweet tea is, and trust me, it’s not overloaded with sugar. It’s just sweetened iced tea! Great refresher for between bites of everything.

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Andrea started with the grilled portobello salad, which she enjoyed.

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Being the pig I am, I went with the fried green tomato salad which was FANTASTIC. Perfectly fried green tomatoes topped with a slightly tangy remoulade, pieces of crisp bacon, pickled red onions and peppery arugula, every bite was just absolutely delicious. I was sad when I finished this plate, though I knew next was something even more delicious…

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My platter, in all its glory!

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My side of black eyed peas and sweet corn didn’t appear to have any black eyed peas in it, but it was absolutely delicious, slightly vinegary, and the perfect foil to everything else I was eating. I would happily eat this any time it was nearby- the vinegar really cut through the fat of what else I was eating.

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As for my fried chicken – three pieces of dark meat – absolutely perfect. Piping hot but I couldn’t help trying to dig right in – seasoned excellently, with juicy meat that just oozed with its happy chicken juices as I bit into each piece… oh my oh my. I’m pretty picky about fried chicken and have been seeking the best in the city for purchase, and have yet to find my fried chicken nirvana… until now. I think this may just be the best fried chicken I’ve had in NYC so far – crisp, crunchy exterior that stayed (mostly) crisp to the end, flavorful, seasoned well, with juicy meat that was definitely not overcooked – oh my stars. I was literally in heaven as I nommed each piece and I quite piggily ate my entire platter, but I went home and didn’t have to eat for the rest of the day… so good.

Yvo says: Were you not reading? Well, okay then, I would be distracted by those awesome pictures too, haha – this is some of the finest – if not THE finest – fried chicken I’ve had in the 5 boroughs. I am already planning my return trip with other fried chicken afficionados (holla!)… it was that good. *big grin*
highly recommended fried chicken

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    • says

      Oh, oops – as Noah will quick to come by and tell me how “wrong” I am for doing this, I chose the non-spicy fried chicken (as did Andrea). There are three levels of spice – plain, spicy and super spicy – but I eat fried chicken non-spicy on a regular basis, so there was no point in trying the spicy when, for comparison’s sake, I should eat what I always eat. Next time, though, I’m going to try the mildly spicy one. Excellent question, I should have mentioned that in the review.

        • says

          Another good question: I forget exactly, but it was in the $10-19 range I believe. I had an appetizer and the iced tea, and Andrea had her appetizer and a cocktail (which was $5 during brunch), and I don’t believe I spent more than $30ish total… which I guess sounds like a lot but it really isn’t considering how much food we each got. It was definitely not $26 for the fried chicken.

  1. Andrea Maniscalco says

    The fried chicken was great here!

    The only problem that I had with the portobello salad was that I found it too have a little too munch vinegar, and that’s coming from someone who likes balsalmic vinegar a lot. Other than that, it was delicious.

    • says

      Nice! Just an FYI, this is not in what most people would call the safest neighborhood, so please be careful. I had no issues, but I drove during the day and parked right outside the place – I could see my car from where I sat.

  2. T.C. says

    I’ll have to tackle their spicy fired chicken sometime. And if that promises to be well-prepared, maybe super-spicy another time. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. says

    I FINALLY made it out there– post not up yet but I have to agree– some of the best fried chicken I’ve EVER had. I normally get squicked out and only eat half of the meat on there, and I had a plate of BONES when I was finished. DELISH! I can’t wait to go back there again. I got the hot and it was awesome– not overpoweringly melt-your-face off hot.

    • says

      I’m told you have to ask for the super duper spicy “as hot as the (Jamaican) owner takes it” if you really want to melt your face off. Dessert Zombie made this request once…

      I’m so glad you finally made it out there and that you agree! I do have to say that since I gave up my car lease in January, it’s much less likely I go there – I just head to East Village/Alphabet City to Bobwhite Counter, which is fantastic, but very different just the same.

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