My darling KC, one of my very favorite people in the world, had only one birthday request: “I want pizza.”  Easy enough, I gave her a list from which to pick, and Rubirosa came up the winner.  The menu tantalized her for weeks beforehand; every other day I received a new message with another suggestion for something she wanted to eat there, and I agreed – the menu looked like it was tailored entirely to the things she likes to eat.  I was excited. 

Since we were a group of six, and the small pies came with 6 slices each, it was quickly decided we’d order two pizzas to start for sharing, and then our own dishes.  First up was the mushroom pie, with prosciutto, peas and pecorino.  The peas added a nice brightness to the rich pie, but I loved the soft prosciutto melting on top.  And while I’d seen pies being delivered to the tables around us, I’d nervously wondered at the thinness of the crust – I’m pretty against cracker crusts, that’s not pizza, that’s flatbread – but I was happy to note that though the crust was impossibly thin… it was not cracker-like.  It had give to it, while still being super thin.  I have NO idea how they do that! 

The other pie was pesto, with fresh mozzarella and a scattering of cherry tomatoes.  I LOVED this pie; though it was a somewhat warm December evening, the brightness just was so intense, and the pop of the sweet cherry tomatoes with the creamy mozzarella… perfect.  My only complaint would be that I wanted a few more tomatoes – I noticed some slices didn’t have them, or only had one while others had 2 or 3 – but I know they were way out of season.  In any case, I would not hesitate to order this pie again – it was so freaking good.  SO good. 

A few people ordered bruschettas – duck, shrimp & chiles, and meatball.  I heard no complaints about the bruschettas, though I didn’t try any.  Someone said the meatballs were fantastic, and I know people enjoyed the duck one as well. 

Since I love brussels sprouts so much, I added on this side, but unfortunately, they were slightly mushy and overcooked.  It tasted like they were drowning in butter, which is about the last thing I want from my vegetables (no, really; there have been a few times when I cooked all my veggies in butter and it just makes me get very, very sick).  We didn’t finish this. 

CT ordered the veal milanese and based on the moans coming from her side of the table, I would say it did her very well, thanks.  Hahaha.  I don’t know why I didn’t try a bite…

The birthday girl ordered the brick pressed chicken.  I tried some of this and thought it was very tasty, though we both remarked on it being served a bit cold, which put me off.  Tasty, juicy, but… cold. 

TC ordered the black & white tagliatelle – I know he’ll pipe up with his thoughts!  (Thanks!) 

CheeeeEEEEse ordered the pappardelle – which I totally would have ordered, as I LOVE pappardelle, but I had my eye on something else.  I almost regret not getting it because he cleaned his plate – I’m not sure if he licked it clean, because I was at the other end of the table from him, but he held the plate aloft for me to see, completely clean, hahaha.  It must have been goooooood. 

Earlier that day, I’d talked to Noah, who told me that the meatballs were fantastic at Rubirosa.  He mentioned this at least 5 times, so I decided to get spaghetti and meatballs – sounds fabulous! – but unfortunately, my meatballs were cold, and as a result, a bit hard.  Actually, the one I started eating was cold, but when I shared one with someone else later, they said that meatball was fine temperature wise, so I ate that one and it was slightly better.  The pasta itself… well, I don’t like thin noodles, so I was a little disappointed that the pasta wasn’t thick the way I like.  Overall, though, the dish was perfectly tasty- I just wish my meatballs were served hot.  That would have made a world of difference…

Hungry ordered two entrees, FBM represent! – tripe first.  I’m sure she’ll share her opinion – either in comments or a link to her own post?

Her second entree was short rib ravioli.  I tried one and thought it was OK, but everyone else who tried it said it was really good.  Maybe I just have a different set of standards for this… I wanted some more oomph from it. 

Dessert time!  A trio of sorbets for the bday girl, apple, pomegranate and lemon.  We all raved about the apple – it tasted literally like an apple had been blended down, then frozen.  It tasted just like an apple, but super cold.  I really loved that apple sorbet and could totally eat an entire bowl of it.  So refreshing! 

I ordered the trio of gelato – pistachio, mascarpone and salted caramel.  I liked the pistachio best – it tasted like pistachios, bits of them interspersed throughout.  Creamy… the other two flavors were all right but nothing that stood out or made me giggle with glee. 

The last dessert, zeppole with nutella, powdered pillows of warm donut goodness… I thought they were very good, if messy.  I think everyone enjoyed them… we had fun taking turns dipping them and eating them with gelato and sorbet, anyway. 

Our service was great, and the place was casual, fun, and had a good vibe.  Do note that we sat in the back room, away from the crowds out front, because as we exited, all happy and commenting what a great place and great meal we’d just had, I suddenly noted “oh goodness, all the [expletive] hipsters are out front, how annoying” – which could definitely hurt your enjoyment if you have to sit at a table near the bar where they’re all jostling into you…

Yvo says: All of us were very happy and satisfied with our meal, and I am sure I will be back.  Return visits are already being planned by KC and myself, because there are so many other dishes on the menu that we want to try – so good, and a fun place to go with friends for a laidback meal.  While some of the dishes were cold, overall, the food was great, the prices pretty reasonable, and we had a great time.  Yum!

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  1. says

    sorry i had to back out at the last minute.

    cold food, yet still great??

    i think i’ll stick to pizzas and bruschettas when i get over there.

  2. CheeeeEEEEse says

    Yeah, it was totally a “scarpetta up in this bey-otch” kind of dish. Mopped the hell out of the gravy/sauce.

  3. kcijones001 says

    My dish was great. the chicken was crunchy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. the rice underneath was a bit cold, but honestly, it didnt really make me love this dish any less. In fact, i would order it again.
    Cheese, mine wasnt saucey at all. Are you referring to mine?
    The milanese is my next order on my next visit.
    THe meatball bruscetta was awesome and I LOVE the mushroom/proscuitto pizza. LOVE

  4. CT says

    Oh this meal was SO fantastic! Great pick of of restaurant. My veal milanese was really amazing, and super reasonably priced (especially considering my favorite one over at Bice is about double the price…actually, this may be my new favorite now!) My duck bruschetta was awesome, although really rich. I would definitely share this next time. I also had a bite of KC’s meatball bruschetta (i think hers?) and it was awesome. Definitely a place to return to!

  5. T.C. says

    Very glad KC had a wonderful time.

    Fresh pasta and delicious seafood but I only thought my dish was alright. The sauce needed more of a kick to it or perhaps I’m greedy and wanted more squid ink in my strands. I actually liked the short rib ravioli more.

    I really like the thin crust pizza and the shrimp scampi bruschetta was very good. I got to taste the other bruschettas but was already too focused on my shrimp.

    Too much cleaning-up of the tomatoey-cheesey tripe at the end but still plenty of room for zeps!!

    Definitely would go back for their pizzas!!!

  6. kcijones001 says

    that was my first tripe experince and i liked it.
    I dont know if i have much of an interest in the pastas thought.

  7. says

    The honeycomb tripe in tomato sauce was super tender. More so than what I’m used to (like the dim sum kind). But I enjoyed the flavors and it would be a good introduction to tripe for newbies.

    I LOVED my ravioli. I think the flavors within the pasta was strong and pronounced while the sauce was light. It helped keep the entire dish well balanced instead of just being heavy and rich.

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