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One recent night, I headed out in the neighborhood to have drinks and bites with VT, who’s lived a few blocks from me for at least a year now and we’ve never run into each other!  Had to remedy this.  She grabbed a friend and off we waltzed to Tropix, a nearby sports-ish bar. 

When we sat down, our server immediately brought us chips and salsa to munch on.  Cool.  Tasty enough to munch on while we browsed the menu. 

The special that day, as it was a Wednesday, was pitchers of margaritas for $10.  Each pitcher was about three and a half of the above glasses… and strong!  We chose strawberry… not bad, and very strong. 

Before we even got there, VT said she wanted wings, so we ordered a platter – they have a nice list of flavors to choose.  Garlic parmesan, Thai ginger, and one with ancho chilies.  Meaty, pretty tasty. 

We also got chili cheese fries because, um, they’re chili cheese fries!  This came with ketchup and another dipping sauce that tasted like a spiced version of Russian dressing.  I liked the fries – crisp and topped with enough stuff, but not so much it became a gloppy mess.  Yum!

Yvo says: I’m glad to find another local place that’s got decent eats on the menu where I can go and watch the game.  This place is a little more scene-y than Dirty Pierre’s, insomuch the place is bigger and seems to attract younger people who may go there on dates or actually be more interested in meeting people to date than just in the game, per se.  But I won’t rule it out when I’m looking for a local place to hit for food and drinks – it’s especially convenient as it’s right outside a subway (though I’ll walk, thanks!). 
great for what it is (local spot to nosh and drink)

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