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I’m on a search for the best fried chicken in the city.  I’ve talked about fried chicken so many times here, and noted that I’ve yet to find truly amazing fried chicken.  I’ve gone on a Fat Chick Fried Chicken Feast, and things still came up short.  I’ve been to the lauded Hill Country Chicken but it just doesn’t impress me… In any case, I decided to revisit a place where I’d thought the food was OK, but a friend had mentioned the fried chicken being good, when I found out they stay open 24 hours (except on Mondays, when they close at midnight).  Supposedly the secret to the fried chicken here is that the chicken is brined for 24 hours, then fried to order. 

When I saw housemade rhubarb strawberry soda on the menu, I knew what I had to get.  Imagine my shock when I realized I’d ordered an $8 soda.  Um.  It tasted good – like what it was supposed to – but $8 for a soda is just not acceptable.  I’ll make this at home next time with my once-a-season rhubarb bunch (in my CSA). 

One of the appetizers listed was housemade potato chips with I believe Roquefort cheese. These arrived quickly (there was no one else in the restaurant), hot and freshly fried… doused in the melty Roquefort.  I liked how crispy they were, but I would have preferred the blue cheese be served on the side.  It warmed and just… made the chips soggy eventually.  Wah. 

And then the main event arrived: fried chicken, with fried okra, mac&cheese… and three pieces of fried chicken.  Yum! 

The fried okra wasn’t quite as crispy as I’d have liked, and could have used a little salt.  A nice munch while eating the fried chicken, since I didn’t have to wipe my fingers to use a fork to eat them. 

The mac&cheese was a little too bland for me, with a very mild cheese used. 

As for the star of the show… the chicken.  Disappointingly, my favorite piece, the thigh, was missing.   

A breast, a drumstick and a wing piece appaeared, but the thigh… gone.

So I picked up a drumstick and began nomming. 

The chicken was juicy and flavorful.  Crispy exterior.  But it lacked something, a little oomph.  I thought it could be better, that while the meat was juicy, the exterior crisp… it lacked a bit of seasoning or salt.  A sprinkle of salt or a bit of seasoning in the batter would do this chicken wonders, it’s a shame that it was missing.  Maybe this was an off night?  I’m not really sure… But it’s also on the expensive side (not just the soda, but everything), so I’m not entirely sure when I’ll revisit.  Hmm. 

Yvo says: I love the fact that Bubby’s is open late, so you can get your fried chicken fix anytime you need.  I was too full for dessert after eating, but they also have a lovely pie selection.  Unfortunately, the chicken lacks in just that one area, and it’s definitely somewhat pricey, but given that you can go anytime you want… perhaps that’s justified.  Hmm.  Definitely some thought for me to return, but your reasons for going may be different from mine.  Lots of pie! 
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      • says

        I [again] must live in the dark because I have never heard of fried chicken being made crispy with cornflakes or potato chips. How nasty is that? No offense but I think I shuddered a bit just thinking about it.

        Maybe it is a southern thing but cornflakes and potato chip coated chicken is not fried chicken.

        • says

          Actually, (ground) potato-chip and cornflake-based coating are from Southern kitchens, where many of our “what the…?” fried awesomeness recipes germinate. And they’re far better coatings than you give them credit for.

          I think I’d like to try a Durkee’s Onion Ring-based batter/coating. THAT could be awesome.

  1. T.C. says

    Fried chicken!! MO’ dark meat welcomed.

    I don’t like roquefort and certainly wouldn’t want it soggyin’ up delicious homemade chips.

    • says

      I liked Georgia’s Eastside and Pies&Thighs but I’d like to go back to both and have it again, without eating so much fried chicken in quick succession. I really like Old Country Buffet’s fried chicken but that might also be a cost+unlimited amounts skewing the enjoyment factor. Also, Dave makes rather good fried chicken, and if I ask nicely, he’s generally willing to provide.

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