Dallas BBQ

My darling KC and I went to an opening night showing of Your Highness – her undying love for James Franco (just putting this out there, if anyone reading this can arrange for them to meet… you know, make someone really, really ecstatic? Your good deed for the day? Why not?) – but needed food beforehand of course.  Since our movie was in the theater directly next door, and we just needed some food to fill our bellies inexpensively, I suggested Dallas BBQ.  Surprisingly, I’ve never posted about this place, though BF and I used to frequent the downtown locations as it is cheap and pretty tasty. 

(I’ve talked enough about how there’s a time and place for just about every concept, so I won’t bore you again with that… though I know a certain FF writer is going to turn his nose up at this post.  Well, tough guy, guess what?  Not everything has to be expensive, or gourmet, or ‘high class’ – what does that even mean?  If the food tastes good, I will eat it – and I stand by that.  Regardless of everything else… the taste is important above all.) 


Before a movie like Your Highness, what else are you going to do but drink some Texas sized frozen alcoholic drinks?  We both opted to add shots to our fruity frozen drinks, and had a grand ol’ time drinking them.  I can’t tell you exactly what flavors we had, but I know we both liked them… I think hers was a sunrise something or other though (the orange one) and it was pretty good.  Funny enough, our drinks cost more than our dinner.  Ha!


And dinner?  For $5.99, we ordered a quarter chicken (dark meat!) each, I chose a baked potato while KC chose fries for her side.  I also opted to add honey glaze for 50c, which isn’t entirely necessary, but I like it a lot.  It adds such a sweetness… and the meat?  I didn’t take a picture once I started eating, but the meat literally is so juicy and tender, it just falls off the bone.  Is the chicken organic, free-range, cage-free, from a local farm and allowed to fart whenever it wants?  I have no idea.  At these prices, you sort of doubt it (or you wonder why the heck we allow people to charge us so much for those things, then)… but at these prices, do you really care?  It tasted good.  I really enjoyed my chicken, and I know KC did too. 

I guess I sound a little defensive while describing this meal.  Mostly because whenever I write about any chain restaurant that I enjoyed, I feel like people come out of the woodwork to criticize the choice, the meal, or whatever positive words I may have said about the meal.  The thing is, there are so many reasons a person chooses a place to eat, and those reasons can be as personal as your teenaged self’s diary… or as completely boring as “it’s next to where I’m going after this.”  It doesn’t matter.  What really matters to me is whether or not the food tastes good.  Whether or not you enjoyed it.  And that, my friends, means something different to each and every person.  I tell you about what I’ve eaten and whether or not I enjoyed it… and if you think it sounds like something you’d also enjoy, great!  If not, well, different opinions make the world go ’round, they really do.  I stand by my motto – if it tastes good, I’ll eat it.  If it doesn’t, I’ll tell you that, too.  (And I understand that you may not necessarily agree with me; I don’t think my taste is the final word.)  Dallas BBQ is good, cheap, and fun.  I think those are good enough reasons for me to visit every once in a while – whether it’s because my wallet is feeling a little light, because someone else suggested it, because it’s next to my final destination… whatever the reason, I will happily eat at Dallas BBQ.

Yvo says: The price is right for food that won’t just fill your belly – it tastes good too.  Though I’ve been going here since over 10 years ago (not this location, clearly, since this one only opened a few years ago), I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything besides the chicken… which is unusual for me, since I rarely order chicken in restaurants.  I just find it really good… I guess next time I go, I should branch out and try something different?  Hmmm… maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰
recommended for what it is; cheap, tasty, fun and filling

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  1. says

    If KC and Franco were ever in the same room, she would keel over. Don’t let them be in the same room, I like KC.

    Try the actual BBQ next time, I am intrigued. I will judge everything you do and you will like it! hehehe

    • says

      I have to assume you were talking about TT turning up his nose. I enjoy my local Dallas BBQ — it’s close, the barbecued everything is good, if heavily sauced, and it’s dirt cheap. I wish they didn’t add 15% tip after 7:30, but that comes with the territory of offering cheap food — sometimes you get cheap customers who “forget” to tip.

      Sure, there’s better barbecue in NYC, but for most people the closest decent place is a Dallas, and it’s almost always going to be less expensive. Pinkies out!

  2. says

    While most of my friends would point and laugh at my decision to come here after work on a Friday, they make some FREAKIN tasty sticky wings! My bff and i order a large one and split it with two spiked frozen alcoholic beverages.
    You cant beat the price!
    but sometimes, the rotisserie is overcooked. So now i ask when i order if they could give me a NON burnt piece LOL hopefully that doesnt piss them off.

  3. T.C. says

    I like BBQ’s for what it is. It isn’t authentic BBQ or the best thing around but I’m not a BBQ snob and it is good ol’ unhealthy eating at a good price.

    Me happy with their solid Texas-sized drinks and the mountain of foods they bring you. Their special combos are big enough to feed at least 2 people.

  4. says

    Oh man, you guys were annoying that night!

    Anyway, I’ve only had bad experiences at Dallas BBQ. Maybe I’ve been to the wrong ones? Oh well.

  5. CT says

    Hmm… I’ve only been once a few years ago. I don’t remember it being particularly good or bad, but pretty much what I would’ve expected from a chain. I’d go again though if someone suggested it.

  6. Megan says

    I agree. I don’t go to chain restaurants that often because there are so many new restaurants in our area to try, but sometimes chain restaurants hit the spot – not to mention they’re extremely convenient. My mom loves restaurants like the Olive Garden and Red Lobster, so we go every year for her birthday or other special occasions. Yes, I’ve had better food but I’ve also had worse!

  7. says

    Haha last year James Franco attended my college and would sit in the same seat in the library almost everyday. I would tell you the specific seat but, unfortunately, he’s graduated:(

  8. says

    That meal looks like a deal and if it taste good, no harm no foul. I like all your reviews but the chains are fun too because I like to see what you are eating that I may be able to find in my neighborhood.

    We don’t all live in the lovely City of NY with a bazillion non chain options.

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