I actually wrote about this place once before nearly 5 years ago, but that was then, this is now.  Haaa, no, honestly, I wrote then about the Manhattan location that has since closed.  The Sheepshead Bay location, though, I’ve been going to since summer 2003.  BF and I used to go to the Sheepshead Bay UA all the time (as it was a pretty nice theater, and a pretty quick drive from us; now, well, on this occasion, it smelled like mold/dampness from carpet that had been soaked and then let air dry, disgusting, plus old/sick people bad breath, blegh… $12 for that?!), and we tended to grab a bite at Roll-n-Roaster before or after the movie… It’s a place that holds many fond memories for both of us. 


On this occasion, we decided to revisit the Sheepshead Bay location before watching The Losers.  Our order has become pretty standard, with few deviations: fresh squeezed lemonades and/or root beers, order of fries with a cup of cheez on the side (sometimes two orders of fries, if I’m hungry…), corn fritters, and two roast beef sandwiches: his plain, and mine with cheez. 

The fresh lemonades are always tart, slightly sweet; the fries, chip-style and crisp, and the corn fritters are crunchy nuggets filled with creamy bits of delicious sweet corn.  NOM.  And the roast beef sandwiches, tender slices of roast beef, melt-in-your-mouth tender. 


I’ve always just added cheez, but this last time, I noticed ‘grilled onions’ was also listed as a free topping.  It’s probably always been there, but I just never noticed it… so this time I included that.  Now I’ve always quite enjoyed this roast beef sandwich with just cheez – like a cheesesteak with a different kind of bread, really – but the grilled onions brought it into this amazingly wonderful territory OMG… sooo good, I could eat one right now just thinking about it (and brings it even closer to cheesesteak territory).  Mmmmmmmmm.  (I sometimes take pickle relish and slather that all over too, and you’d think pickles with cheez would be weird, but y’know, it isn’t?) 

Yvo says: I love this place, if not for the memories and delicious food, then for the prices, which haven’t changed the entire time I’ve been patronizing Roll-n-Roaster.  It’s still about $20 for the two of us, give or take some cents.  The food is good and consistent, and hasn’t changed in this time, either… nommylicious!
recommended for excellent roast beef sandwiches!

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  1. says

    My friend Kel drove me all the way out from Bay Ridge–but (don’t get too mad at me) I didn’t get the roast beef. I must go back and try their signature sammich!

  2. Lizz says

    Love, love, love Roll n Roasters! I haven’t been since the BF moved out of Sheepshead Bay. Have you tried Brennan & Carr? It’s probably about 10 blocks from RnR.

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