Le Pain Quotidien


My quick snack at Le Pain Quotidien – the Atlantic smoked salmon tartine, with chopped dill, scallions and avocado.


A lot of bright flavors going on, which was really a nice pre-karaoke bite.  I enjoyed this quite a bit – a schmear of avocado, a bit of cucumber or turnip, salad – whatever was on the plate, I pretty much added on top and ate… and it was quite good. 

Yvo says: The last time I was at Le Pain Quotidien, I enjoyed it enough, but commented on the price.  As that was over two years ago, the prices have gone up a bit since then, but I still found it in the realm of reasonable.
recommended – though it IS a chain, it suffices when you want a quick snack

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  1. Lizz says

    Hmm never tried this place before.. and duh tehre’s one right by my office. It’s not even 10 and you’ve got me thinking about lunch already Yvo! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. says

    I haven’t been there in ages but their soups are usually good, their danish are criminally delicious, and their Belgian hot chocolate haunts my dreams in the most scrumptious way to this day!!

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