SpB’s birthday passed recently, and after a day of feet-measuring, ice skating, karaoke, a ton of fun, we headed to Resto for some grub.  Yeah, we’d been there before – three years ago – but hell she wanted frites and we were nearby. 


And I’ve been dreaming about these deviled eggs since three years ago… they were even more amazing this time around!  Of course, since I’m also way more conscious about my weight and health this time around, I opted to share these and only eat one piece.  That ‘pork toast’ bit on the bottom? crisp with a delicious fatty center, and just. amazing. omg. I wanted to cry from joy.  Then AB pointed out the trail of fat drizzling its way down my hand, down my arm, and I thought “Maybe I can live without that…” 



AB and SpB both opted for the chorizo moules frites this time, and surprisingly, neither liked it very much.  The flavor was pronounced much too muted, too bland and unremarkable for what they wanted.  FAIL.  Last time, she’d liked the moules very much, so this was a bit of a surprise. 


The frites, however, were delicious per usual.  Crisp on the outside, potato goodness on the inside – perfect frites with some great dipping sauces.  In fact, they both began using the sauces (lime pickle & sweet chili) for their moules, saying that bumped the flavor factor of the moules much better. 


ShB ordered a burger?  I didn’t really get her opinion unfortunately, but here’s a terrible photo of her food.  She made no comment about the dish, so I presume it was sufficient. 


I have this really great affinity towards pappardelle, so when I saw the pork ragout pappardelle on the menu, of course I ordered that.  The pork ‘sauce’, a super soft, succulent mash on top of the wonderful pappardelle… let’s just say, I was very quiet as I cleaned my plate happily.  So. Good. 


I really like to have vegetables with my meals, so I opted to add on a side dish of beets with creme fraiche.  (I could have sworn that I read somewhere creme fraiche is actually a style/type of cheese, but I guess I am wrong because Google tells me otherwise, d’oh!)  The beets were delicious with the creme fraiche, though some of the herbs were a bit pungent, while others went excellently.  Since I couldn’t identify the herbs on sight at the restaurant, I can’t tell you which it was, but the dish was delicious in either case.  Yum! 

Yvo says: I really love Resto’s casual atmosphere, and the place is just fun to grab a bite.  They have a huge selection of beer – if you’re into that sort of thing, heh, which you know I’m not – and some solid offerings, though apparently, skip the chorizo/saffron/potato option for the moules frites.  DEFINITELY get the deviled eggs, if you like fat, pork, deliciousness… with deviled eggs on top of that ๐Ÿ˜‰  Yumm- I have to go back sooner than 3 years from now!

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  1. T.C. says

    Nice. I’ve been meaning to go to Resto for their moules frites and beer. The deviled eggs with oily pork toast sounds like a must-try!

    • Witzel says

      She could have said nothing and been pretentious about creme fraiche, but instead made it into an amusing anecdote. That said, methinks a trip to Paris is in order…

  2. Stinky says

    I go to Resto for brunch every three weeks or so. Their brunch is amazing.

    Also, the Thai-coconut and standard moules flavors are much better than the chorizo saffron one. Don’t let that experience deter you from ordering moules there in the future.

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