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Back in August, my darling friend Cheese turned… um… I don’t know how old he is. I always forget… not that it really matters. In any case, I asked him where he’d like to be taken for his birthday, and after a bit of back and forth, we settled on Go Go Curry. He’d been in the past and enjoyed it greatly, while I’d never been and wanted to try it.

Thing is, my story about Japanese curry: I love it, but only when I make it at home. The first time I had Japanese curry was at home, and I love love LOVE the way I make it. The few times I’ve had it at Japanese ramen places, it’s been… okay. I just really like the way I make it, the way the chunks of chicken thigh are chewy against the grains of rice, the carrots a bit melty, and the crunch of the onion and celery… I just really like the way I make it. Restaurant curry tends to be… well, it tends to be just not what I want from curry, even if that’s what it’s “supposed” to be.

In any case, Cheese and I headed over to Go Go Curry to tackle the Grand Slam!


This behemoth of a dish is a pork cutlet, chicken cutlet, hard boiled egg, two sausages, a piece of fried shrimp, and we added on pickled onion things and pickled cabbage things.


Are you not fully understanding how huge this platter was?

First off: those sausages were DELICIOUS. Shockingly crisp, juicy, meaty, and totally yum. The pickled crunchy bits were great tangy foils to the sweetness of the curry sauce, while the fried pork and chicken cutlets were cooked perfectly – moist meat on the inside, crackly crust on the outside. AWESOME. Initially I hadn’t been sure we could finish the dish between the two of us, but soon enough, we housed the whole thing.

So good.

I’m going to shock you now with the price: before the addition of our pickled crunchy bits, this was $12.50.


I believe our entire meal came to like $16 or so? with tip it was just under $20. Yeah, Cheese is a cheap birthday boy 😉 but the curry here was just so good, I would not mind going back anytime!

Happy (super belated now) birthday! May we both eat curry till our bellies are full and flat!

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  1. CheeeeEEEEse says

    YAY! This place is easily my favorite ‘fast-food’ in Midtown, and I’m glad I was able to both share the food and share the recc with you Yvo.

    Also, yeah, on top of it being absolutely awesome tasting it’s cheap as hell. A small/walk (baseball terms) with a cutlet of your choice is easily enough food to satisfy anyone of average hunger. This massive plate (see Yvo’s pics) has 3x the rice along with all the other sides…for only 12 freaking bucks!

    • says

      Seriously that massive amount of food is sooo worth it. I’m kinda craving it right now… I had the choice between making chicken curry (Japanese) last night or chicken stew and went with stew. Foolishly because I messed it up but still tasty, just not as thick as I was trying to make it…

  2. SkippyMom says

    That thing is as big as the cafeteria tray! Impressive. And I love the way you used “housed” in your description of eating it. *stealing*

    Happy belated birthday to Cheese and I can’t wait to read all of the updates of your birthday girlie. 🙂

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