Pho Mekong

I mentioned that I wanted to go back to Pho Mekong, so when bestie wanted to grab some soup noodles recently, I suggested there.


I started with a glass of milk tea with condensed milk; perfectly executed.


Bestie suggested spring rolls. We both ignored the lettuce for wrapping and just ate them dipped in the accompanying sauce; they were pleasant, though not particularly interesting. I will say that I took the leftovers home and found them really tasty once toasted crisp – very savory porky insides. Tasty.


Beef satay was actually very good; very lemongrassy, grilled to perfection and super tender, juicy. I liked this a lot, and bestie agreed. Pickled veggies were a nice accompaniment too. Would order again!


Bestie ordered seafood pho, and enjoyed it. The broth was NOT the normal beef pho broth.

I ordered chicken pho, which surprised me by showing up with a plate of grilled chicken thighs on the side… which were well-seasoned, juicy and delicious. I insisted bestie try a piece, and she agreed that it was very good. As for the pho itself – again, the broth was not just taken from the beef pho. The broth was clean, simple, sweet with chicken essence, and worked really well. Topped with fried onion pieces, served with cilantro, bean sprouts, jalapeno slices, and lime, for you to add as you please, my bowl was perfect. Exactly what I wanted on this super cold, snowy night… and I slurped down every last spoonful.

I also appreciate that there is a menu item that is just noodle pho; no meat. Sometimes that’s what I want – just the noodles and soup, no meat needed.

I really enjoyed Pho Mekong, and while I still feel I need to visit more and explore more of the menu before I make my final verdict, I will say that this ensured that I will visit again… if I can get a ride. No more Blue Thunder (lease was up, so I returned her, wah), so I need to rely on others to take me! At least there’s a parking lot. And it’s right next to an H-Mart… someone take me please?

Recommended. Please visit. And take me with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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