Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pie Face


After we finished our lovely happy hour meal at Pounds & Ounces, Cturb and I walked up to Pie Face off Times Square. He was looking forward to grabbing some meat pies – something he said he does frequently – and just calling it a night.


While I’d heard of Pie Face in the past, I’d never actually visited. I was pretty curious about meat pies; I grew up detesting pot pies, and this sounded kind of similar, but kind of not.


I didn’t take any inside shots because once I picked it up and took a bite, I didn’t put it down till that cute little holder was empty.


Yes, it was that good. I got the chunky steak one, and it was filled with a savory, tender and meaty filling that can only be described as delicious. It wasn’t gravy-soaked or heavy, like pot pie has been in my experience. Flaky crust surrounding a meaty mixture… just perfect. I enjoyed my pie very much, and will definitely be back to try the other pies.

Give it a go!

Pie Face Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

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13 Responses to “Pie Face”
  1. CheeeeEEEEse says:

    A sack full of meat pies sounds really dirty. But they’re Aussies so I guess they get a pass…

    Is it a potato mixture of meat and gravy? I can’t imagine it’s all meat and gravy.

    • It isn’t really gravy – it’s not wet. It’s not dry, either, but it’s not like there’s a liquid inside… it’s hard to explain. Have you ever had a chicken pie (gai pai) from a Chinese bakery? The inside isn’t wet, but it’s not dry either. Imagine like pulled pork. That was sort of the texture.

  2. Dina says:

    i agree. i love pie face. try their desserts too!

  3. hungry says:

    The fast food of Australia! I sure had some of this there. Haven’t had it in NYC though. I wonder if its any different.

  4. Dessert Zombie says:

    Have not been back after my first adventure with their chunky steak. Was not impressed by addition of their stacks (mashed potatoes and gravy/ they forgot my peas) but would try another pie by itself again.

    • I wanted to get it smashed or whatever they call it, but then I decided against it as I wanted to try it by itself the first time. Plus I wasn’t that hungry. But I would go back. They opened a new one too – wanna go?

      • Dessert Zombie says:

        Another time down the road. No rush as I don’t really feel it is a must-eat for me at $5.95+tax.
        And it is called a stack if you add their mashed potatoes, peas and gravy to the pie. $7.95+tax for that. They forgot the peas that night so it was a bootleg stack…they owe me peas! :P

  5. Jenny says:

    love Pie Face! They are everywhere in Australia, but I haven’t tried them here yet.

  6. Karin says:

    I _forgot_ about the cute little faces they draw on the pies because I always bring a stack (i.e. mash, mushy peas & gravy) home to stick in the microwave. I am going to work through tasting all of their pies this year.

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