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After we finished our lovely happy hour meal at Pounds & Ounces, Cturb and I walked up to Pie Face off Times Square. He was looking forward to grabbing some meat pies – something he said he does frequently – and just calling it a night.


While I’d heard of Pie Face in the past, I’d never actually visited. I was pretty curious about meat pies; I grew up detesting pot pies, and this sounded kind of similar, but kind of not.


I didn’t take any inside shots because once I picked it up and took a bite, I didn’t put it down till that cute little holder was empty.


Yes, it was that good. I got the chunky steak one, and it was filled with a savory, tender and meaty filling that can only be described as delicious. It wasn’t gravy-soaked or heavy, like pot pie has been in my experience. Flaky crust surrounding a meaty mixture… just perfect. I enjoyed my pie very much, and will definitely be back to try the other pies.

Give it a go!

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  1. CheeeeEEEEse says

    A sack full of meat pies sounds really dirty. But they’re Aussies so I guess they get a pass…

    Is it a potato mixture of meat and gravy? I can’t imagine it’s all meat and gravy.

    • says

      It isn’t really gravy – it’s not wet. It’s not dry, either, but it’s not like there’s a liquid inside… it’s hard to explain. Have you ever had a chicken pie (gai pai) from a Chinese bakery? The inside isn’t wet, but it’s not dry either. Imagine like pulled pork. That was sort of the texture.

  2. Dessert Zombie says

    Have not been back after my first adventure with their chunky steak. Was not impressed by addition of their stacks (mashed potatoes and gravy/ they forgot my peas) but would try another pie by itself again.

    • says

      I wanted to get it smashed or whatever they call it, but then I decided against it as I wanted to try it by itself the first time. Plus I wasn’t that hungry. But I would go back. They opened a new one too – wanna go?

      • Dessert Zombie says

        Another time down the road. No rush as I don’t really feel it is a must-eat for me at $5.95+tax.
        And it is called a stack if you add their mashed potatoes, peas and gravy to the pie. $7.95+tax for that. They forgot the peas that night so it was a bootleg stack…they owe me peas! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. says

    I _forgot_ about the cute little faces they draw on the pies because I always bring a stack (i.e. mash, mushy peas & gravy) home to stick in the microwave. I am going to work through tasting all of their pies this year.

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