Thursday, July 2, 2015

Big Wing Wong


Just before the new year – literally, on new year’s eve – I met up with Dessert Zombie. He wanted soup dumplings, but the place was super packed so we wandered a few doors down to get soup. I was sick, and wanted something to just slurp down… I let him order for me, and he got a wonton mein (wonton noodle soup). I don’t order wontons on a regular basis; it isn’t that I don’t like them, but there’s always something else to eat that appeals to me more. But the reason I’m posting this: the wontons were actually really good. Very thin skinned, with a lot of porky goodness on the inside with lots of flavor, I really enjoyed my noodle soup and it hit the spot on the cold day, with the egg noodles and the MSG-laden broth.

Okay, I added hot sauce at some point because my palate started to get bored. It was Red Devil, though, which is very vinegary and I love vinegar.

Cheap too… I think lunch was a couple bucks.

Just don’t go here expecting service or ambiance. It’s a minor step above a take out place; it’s really just go there, eat, and get out.

Big Wing Wong on Urbanspoon

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14 Responses to “Big Wing Wong”
  1. CheeeeEEEEse says:

    Hot damn! I love wontons, especially in soup, so this looks fantastic.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever had Red Devil, but like you, I also like my vinegar. :)

    • It has the lightest of heat to it – it’s the first hot sauce I ever enjoyed, to put that in perspective. I have actually used it in place of red vinegar on chow mein occasionally, and it suits the purpose nicely. You should try it – you can get small bottles in Chinatown for a few dollars. But don’t expect it to be hot.

  2. Dessert Zombie says:

    Their wontons are their signature. I have not eaten theirs in a while. I usually get congee instead and it is only okay here. Still need to get their lobster pan fried noodles/ chow mein sometime.

    Damn those lousy tourists for packing up the place next door for soup dumplings!!

  3. hungry says:

    I’m not sure if Big Wing Wong and Big Wong King is related because their menus look exactly the same. One of my favorite things to get from either place is: char siu/roast pork with wontons over ho fun/flat rice noodles in soup. Mmm, so good.

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