What I’ve been eating…

Since I returned home, it’s been nonstop- can’t even explain all that I’ve been up to just yet. But I’ve been cooking – doing some serious cleaning out of my pantry and everything – so here are some photos of what I’ve been making and eating!

imagePorterhouse I had in the freezer from Fresh Direct – simple seasoning, high heat seated on both sides. Served with miso mushrooms!

imageimageDidja really think I could finish an entire porterhouse? (Even in my heaviest eating days, I couldn’t. Protein makes me hit the wall really fast.) The leftovers were served over a simple salad of Romaine lettuce, orange tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, a bit of grated parm, and the best part? This super simple but absolutely delicious vinaigrette of yellow star thistle pure raw honey from Sola Bee Farms, apple cider vinegar, and Stonehouse Farms Persian lime extra virgin olive oil, salt/pepper. Yum!! I think that’s going to be my new go-to salad dressing. Delicious!

imageA snack one night while watching TV – 34 degrees chocolate wafers topped with veggie cream cheese and slices of Columbus peppered salame, pickles, piave, grapes I brought back from the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, and Stacked pinot grigio.

imageLa Tortilla Factory “soft wrap mini” fiesta flavor, warmed and topped with pulled pork (from my freezer), spread with ranch dressing (made with sour cream and Lay’s Dip Creations ranch mix) and spicy guacamole made with avocados picked from Jeters‘ father’s avocado tree (and some of the best avocados I’ve ever eaten – thank you again, lady, you rock!!!).

imageBasted egg over duck fried rice – which was made with the duck confit leftover from db bistro moderne – which I’d frozen before I left for San Francisco, and was perfectly fine when I thawed it, yum! The rice was made with dried cherries and added a certain something as well… so good.

As I said, I’m trying to clean out my pantry a bit. Everything that had its name linked to the company website was received free – either as a gift from a friend, a press sample from the company/PR representing the company, and some stuff just as swag from large scale events that had nothing to do with being a food writer.

As always, if you want recipes, just ask in comments and I’ll respond in comments!

And this week, if I can manage it in addition to cooking (and eating) my Thanksgiving feast, I’ll be making: blueberry sage glazed pork tenderloin over shiitake risotto alongside Brussels sprouts, stuffed pork chops with – I don’t know, what should would go well with stuffed pork chops? – and pad thai.

What have you all been eating and cooking? What will you be cooking this week?

Happy eating!


  1. Corinne says

    Just made a lentil and pork belly stew. Also have been roasting a lot of veg, rutabagas, parsnips, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, cabbage. I think we’re doing steak and eggs for dinner tonight. For the holiday I’m doing devils on horseback and mini crust-less quiche.

      • Corinne says

        You give me a lot to live up to! Can you explain the miso mushrooms? I’ve been using miso as a glaze when roasting squash lately. Very good but I’d love to expand my miso repertoire.

        • says

          Of course – melt butter in a hot skillet, add a knob of miso. When the miso has sort of melted a bit, I add sliced mushrooms and stir to coat. The miso won’t really melt down all the way before you add the mushrooms, and I let the mushrooms cook a little more than I normally would – they release liquid that helps everything come together. I wrote a more detailed post somewhere with the technique, but that’s basically it (I think it might be on the bento site, actually) – super simple and really tasty. No salt necessary (I stock white miso). I suppose if you wanted, you could add some rice wine or mirin as well…

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