Corrado Bakery

One day, between events, TC met up with me and we headed to Corrado Bakery to grab a snack and hang out, use an outlet to charge our phones and the wifi to surf the internet.

Corrado 01.jpgTC was hungrier than I – we actually tried to visit Taim since I’d never been, but they were closed for the holiday week – so he got a prosciutto, mozz and pepper panini. I could tell he liked it but I’m sure he’ll offer his further opinion in comments!

Corrado 02.jpgSince I wasn’t all that hungry, I chose toast topped with tomatoes and a bit of cheese. This was actually surprisingly tasty – it sounds simple, and it is, but they did a great job of caramelizing the tomatoes a bit and getting the right amount of cheese on there… so good.ย  At about $2 for the above, it was a great snack!

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      • T.C. says

        It wasn’t puny but definitely not ginormous.
        Plus a drink and a side should be fine as a meal.
        I washed my panani down with an iced coffee.

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