Post-Dominique Ansel, TC and I headed over to The Redhead, where we’ve been talking about visiting for fried chicken since October.

Redhead 01.jpgBuns served to us as we perused the menu were nothing special.

Redhead 02.jpgWe decided to start with an order of hush puppies with creme fraiche and caviar.  The caviar was decidedly of the ‘stinky’/fishy kind, and did nothing for the hush puppies, which were light and fried nicely – it just didn’t go. I think most people order this for the sheer novelty of the item, as we did, but not because it tastes good.

Redhead 03.jpgTC decided to order the shrimp and grits, and seemed to enjoy it… hopefully he’ll share his thoughts in the comments?

Redhead 04.jpgWe also opted to share collard greens with corned beef – I found these cooked properly and tasty, though the difference of using corned beef as opposed to the more traditional ham hocks or pork was lost on me.

Redhead 05.jpg Redhead 06.jpgAs for the fried chicken.. I was surprised when I requested all dark meat and our server informed me that everything was already portioned, so no substitutions. I didn’t really understand what she meant – but when it arrived, my fried chicken was cold. I don’t mean ice cold, but definitely not freshly fried… odd since we arrived pretty early in the dinner shift (TC mentioned the place gets packed, so we had to go early or wait a long time and I hate waiting).  The fried chicken itself was good, but nothing game changing or amazing. The gravy on the bottom – which commanded an extra $2 if you wanted more – was tasty, but again, not wow-worthy. My chicken was fried properly… but not super flavorful alone or super juicy or anything like what I look for in fantastic fried chicken.  And at $18 for 2 pieces of fried chicken, a biscuit and some gravy… definitely not worth it.

No one’s crown is being removed for BEST FRIED CHICKEN IN NYC, that’s for sure…

Yvo says: The overall experience was fine – our service was pleasant enough, and the place is cute, but I didn’t think anything on the menu particularly stood out so I doubt I’ll be back. I’m actually pretty surprised people raved about the fried chicken here – I mean, yeah, the gravy was good, but that doesn’t make fried chicken rave-worthy. That makes the gravy rave-worthy.
pass for fried chicken

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    • says

      Now now, at 3 in the morning standing in front of the fridge, I’ll eat cold fried chicken. But when I pay $18 at a restaurant, I don’t want to be served my meal cold.

        • Goats says

          You know you can get 13 pieces of popeyes chicken, 2 large sides and 7 biscuits for 18.99. They are, or at least were, running a special at the 25 and LEx location. I’ve still got 8 pieces frozen from 2 weeks ago! Still good!

  1. T.C. says

    Hush puppies were disappointing. Esp with the smellly, inexpensive (not expectating the good stuff) caviar on top.

    I enjoyed my shrimp & creamy grits. More for the andouille sausage in the dish than the shrimps tho.

    Not THE BEST but decent fried chicken. Even better if hot and at a lower price tag.

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