Saturday, July 4, 2015


Ihawan 01.jpgAfter TC had taken the troops to Engeline’s for Filipino food,  I really wanted to give it a shot. One random day, post running some errands (I’m not even sure what I did, actually), he met up with me to introduce me properly to the cuisine.

Ihawan 02.jpgSince my weight’s been dropping drastically, I allowed myself a special drink. He had mango juice – on the left – and said it was just like canned, but I had canteloupe juice, which was light and refreshing, but best of all, contained long strips of fresh canteloupe that I enjoyed slurping up through my straw and then eating with my spoon. So good.

Ihawan 03.jpgTo be healthy, we ordered a mixed veggie plate… unfortunately neither of us liked this. I’d expected more interesting vegetables in a more pungent sauce, but instead found green beans – properly cooked though – along with eggplant and pumpkin, which surprised me. It was a big meh for me.

Ihawan 04.jpgCrispy pata, with my hand for scale. Huge leg of pork that was deep fried… I thought I’d like this more but I found it just a mess of fried taste. It was… okay.

Ihawan 05.jpgLumpia! or fried egg roll type things – which I love love love – and these were no exception. Fried properly to a crisp exterior revealing a hot interior, a swipe in the orange tangy sweet sauce, and just great. TC and I took turns “fighting” over the last few, haha.

Ihawan 06.jpgAnd because I always wanted to try it, kare kare – oxtail stew of sots. I loved the veggies used – kale? – but I found the flavor was a little bland. Nothing the addition of liver sauce didn’t cure, though, so I ate this up happily with…

Ihawan 07.jpgfluffy white rice. I enjoyed parts of our meal more than others, but I think that’s to be expected – some dishes just weren’t to my liking. I’m sure as I explore the cuisine, I’ll find more dishes that I like and some that I don’t.

For now, I can’t give any sort of recommendation for or against, as I’ve little to no experience with this cuisine – and maybe some dishes were great examples of the dish, just not something I like. What are your Filipino dishes you like and want to recommend I try next time?

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8 Responses to “Ihawan”
  1. T.C. says:

    Kare kare has peanut sauce in it but it wasnt that strong. I did taste it.

    Their crispy pata is okay. I always want meaty spring rolls and lumpia is no exception.

    I should’ve ordered a chicken or pork adobo. The pancit/ noodle dishes too perhaps.

  2. hungry says:

    Funny enough, I don’t have much experience with Filipino food either except for lumpia.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I like all the Filipino desserts and sweet dishes. But haven’t really tried anything else.

  4. Camille says:

    Fried Bangus is vinegary and tasty.
    I’d recommend laing next time, along with lumpia sariwa (fresh lumpia, available on weekends) and beef or pork siningang. Their pork BBQ remains a staple for me too. Longanisa with eggs isn’t bad either.

    The avocado shake makes an awesome dessert!

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