After a day of shopping, I met up with Tommy to grab a bite to eat. I left the choice up to him, so he went with Zutto.

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We started with the Maryland roll – avocado, lump crab, tuna and caviar. I wasn’t too thrilled with the roe being on the side like that, but took to dipping my pieces in it… this was OK. I was hoping for something more interesting based on the description, but it was just… okay.

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Tommy ordered a spicy ramen. He liked it.

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There was a sign on the wall that explained ramen and the process of making it, which encouraged me to order the ramen. I ordered the shiromaru hakata classic, and though I didn’t like that the ginger was mixed in and gave a bit of an unpleasant strong taste to my broth (I don’t like ginger generally), I found myself really enjoying my bowl, broth and noodles. I slurped most of my broth away and chomped happily on the very chewy noodles before I decided I wanted more noodles, an option offered at Zutto. Tommy and I split the second order of noodles (just noodles); these were slightly more cooked and almost gummy, though a swim in my remaining broth and they were fine. I was surprised I enjoyed the ramen as much as I did – perfectly cooked the first time around, with a very fragrant broth that pleased my salty-tooth greatly, I wouldn’t hesitate to return if someone requested it – though the location in TriBeCa makes it unlikely I will request it anytime soon.

Yvo says: The ramen really surprised me here, though the empty restaurant and the non-A rating may scare some people away. If you are intent on trying all the ramen in the city, I would definitely say you should check out Zutto – you may be surprised as I was.

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      Oops – yes, there was the usual pork slices on top, some bamboo shoots, and some other stuff. The pork was tender but I generally pay way more attention to the noodles when I get ramen… my habit anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

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