Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Joe’s Ginger

Continuing our quest for soup dumpling nirvana, DLS and I hit up Joe’s Ginger after a long debate about its location and affiliation with Joe’s Shanghai.  StB joined us, but she stuck with vegetarian dumplings (that I didn’t try or photograph).  Since we planned on hitting two different places, we only ordered a steamer tray of dumplings at Joe’s. 

Though they took a bit to come out, immediately I was happy that they didn’t look as ugly as the soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai had. 

I was surprised by the distinct difference in quality from Joe’s Shanghai to Joe’s Ginger, expecting that, though there’s a bit of drama associated with their affiliation, the two would be fairly similar. Instead, these boasted a skin that was noticeably thinner, and the soup within was much tastier as well.  On its own, it was a sufficiently tasty soup dumpling, though I wouldn’t say these were the best I’d had thusfar.  If the other places were super busy, I might wander over to Joe’s Ginger and know I would be able to have good soup dumplings without the wait – the place never had more than a few tables of people while we were there.

Yvo says: I wouldn’t write Joe’s Ginger off completely – the soup dumplings were definitely tasty, much better than the restaurant that spawned it.
not a bad soup dumpling option

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4 Responses to “Joe’s Ginger”
  1. esther says:

    I’ve been here plenty of times when the neighboring restaurant is PACKEDDDD. Decent, and I don’t have to wait in a long line! :)

  2. hungry says:

    Has the student surpassed the teacher? Hmmm…


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