Another month, another happy hour – this one at Phebe’s.  I spent many a happy night at Phebe’s back in the day, hanging out with my Yankees-fan friend, watching baseball games.  They have this giant projection screen they use sometimes to show games, though on this night, they didn’t have that out.  Oh well.  They still have cheap drafts and half price appetizers! 


The first appetizer to come out: deep fried bacon.  There was this weird batter on the bacon and liquid cheese squeezed over the top.  I split a piece with Beer Boor and we both agreed that this appetizer was really weird.  I don’t know what I expected, but it was more a novelty than something I’d tell you to order because it’s good.  It’s not good, it’s just unique. 

Hot wings next: my thought was “this is hot? Are you sure?”  Given that I don’t eat much spicy food, this speaks volumes.  They were still okay – crispy, meaty, but not a lot going on in terms heat or even flavor beyond chicken wings.  Ah well.

Easily the best deal of the happy hour menu?  The nachos!  Look at that monster plate!  (It was really dark in there- I know the pictures are awful, sorry.)  These are the beef? chili? nachos… so good.  You know how I love nachos

Yvo says: I’m not really sure why I stopped going here, but I will definitely start going again for this great happy hour deal!  Cheap beer, cheap appetizers, you really can’t go wrong with that.  Don’t expect super hot wings, but the nachos are a great deal that easily was split amongst 5 or more friends and made for a great munchy bite. 
recommended for happy hours

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  1. says

    The bacon was weird and don’t see myself ordering it again. The nachos, however, are awesome. I think the whole plate was $5 during HH which lasts until 8pm.

  2. T.C. says

    The HH draft prices and half price appts were a wonderful deal.

    Yes, those are the beef nachos. REALLY good deal for $5.
    I was close to ordering a second one with Chicken but next time!
    Wings weren’t spicy at all and bacon is miss-able.

  3. says

    I think a Nacho tournament is in order: one of each type on the menu, to the death! Or something. The beer was fine, considering the reason for being there. No complaints!

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