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I consider myself something of an expert on Philadelphia cheesesteaks.  Yeah, that happened – I took down 3 cheesesteaks (6 cheesesteaks from 6 different places, over the course of about 6 hours, 1/2 each).  I’m a huge believer that the best Philly cheesesteaks are found IN Philly – but I’ve long loved one place in NYC for a quick fix, since I can’t always get over to Philly just for a cheesesteak (though I’ve been known to do it, and will be doing it again soon).  I’ve never posted about it mostly because I used to order it for delivery from the one downtown, or I’ve eaten it on the go, at a friend’s place, what-have-you.  This time, the Daily News ran an excellent deal for 50% off Carl’s and my friend TC picked up a voucher.  One Friday afternoon – the one pre-hurricane weekend, actually – feeling a bit unhappy, he offered to take me for cheesesteaks, sure to cheer me up. 


There’s only one true cheesesteak in my not-so-humble opinion: Whiz wit’.  Cheez Whiz and onions.  Any other cheese and it’s just a cheese and steak sandwich, but not a true Philly cheesesteak. 

Carl’s serves them up properly: on a soft hoagie roll that is easy to bite into, with chopped meat, onions, and Cheez Whiz smeared on it.  Each bite of cheesesteak was the perfect ratio of bread to meat to cheese and onion… just delicious. 

It’s too easy to just pick this up and keep eating.  Which is what I did, until I had only half left (my appetite was still not back in full force at the time), so I took the other half to go – and one of the women working there packed my half up really nicely for me, which I super appreciated.  Normally, I can take down a whole one easily.  Oh, the deal came with fries – which were freshly fried and crisp, yum, and a HUGE portion! – and a soda.  It was way too much food even if my appetite was normal. 

I didn’t take a picture of TC’s sandwich because he got provolone on it, and that’s not a cheesesteak.  Hahahaha!  I know he liked his though – he’s been to Carl’s before and obviously came again.  We both agreed that this is the best cheesesteak we’ve had in NYC.  Yum! 

Yvo says: I daresay that were Carl’s to open in Philly, it’d quickly become one of the places that people talk about as having fantastic cheesesteaks – not just ‘good enough to satisfy a craving when you’re in NYC instead of Philly’ but honest-to-goodness great in its own right.  The cheesesteaks here are totally legit and if you haven’t had them, you should go try them as soon as possible.  Even full price, they’re reasonable at $6.75 each cheesesteak (extra for certain add-ons).  Go! 
highly recommended

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  1. T.C. says

    Hey, leave my non-traditional cheesesteak alone. Provolone Wit is delicious. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not a fan of Whiz but I’m open-minded about foods so have gladly eaten it when I was in Philly. Just not really in NYC. American Wit is not offensive either.

    Carl’s is great for their philly-style sandwiches. I was really glad the fries were fresh as I been in the past where they were sitting under the lamp and not as welcomed.

    They’re the official cheesesteak of the NEW YORK YANKEES! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Avoid at the stadium though if you can resist and come to their store-front instead.

    • says

      Or, if you don’t mind spending $10.75, get it at the ballpark and enjoy! It’s as much food as a Lobel’s sandwich for $4.25 less, tasty in its own right, and occasionally there isn’t really much of a line.

      • T.C. says

        I’ll hand over my 15 and give Lobel’s the go-ahead next time.

        Not too impressed by Carl’s the last time I had it at New Yanks Stad. I’m fine with waiting til I make another trip to the store-front.

  2. says

    i work next to one. I have had to erase their existence from my memory because being delicious and affordable and walking distance is just too much temptation… and i cant afford bigger fat pants. lol

    • says

      I’ve had Shorty’s and was less than impressed. Given the nature of Carl’s – their entire focus is on cheesesteaks and cheesesteaks alone – it’s hard to beat their set up and deliciousness. Shorty’s fell short. Of course, this is all opinion, the point of these reviews ๐Ÿ™‚

    • says

      I’ve come home from Ginger Man with a Carl’s receipt in my pocket and no recollection of the purchase or consumption. I like that my brain is on Carl’s autopilot and knows what’s best for me.

  3. says

    I’ve never had Carl’s, mostly because it’s nowhere near anything I ever have reason to visit. But this post makes me want to visit for Carl’s itself. Thanks for the nudge. It looks great.

    • says

      If you like cheesesteaks, I think it’s worth going out of your way to go to Carl’s. If you’re only so-so on them, I would say… yeah just go when you’re in the area. I do really like them though!

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