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After the Rums of Puerto Rico event, I realized we were just across the street from Bon Chon and that I had a 50% off Scout Mob for that location.  Not that any of us needed more alcohol, but I thought it’d be good to get some food in our bellies… especially considering how toasted BeerBoor was by this point. 


We started off with an order of zucchini fries, because I like fried zucchini and I’ve liked these every time I’ve had them at any BonChon.  I wasn’t disappointed this time – still crisp on the outside, with moist, fully cooked zucchini inside.  Yum – and the sauce on the side was half spicy-mayo, and half wasabi-mayo. 


We ordered medium wings, half spicy, half soy garlic. 


They made sure to mark the the spicy from the soy garlic, because every time I’ve been to Bon Chon, I’ve managed to accidentally ingest the spicy ones (and then am unable to eat for a good long while, unfortunately).  BeerBoor ate his half, then ate some of mine because I was too full to eat more, and remarked that the spicy was just spice and not so much flavor, saying that the soy garlic actually tasted much better; the same crispy exterior but with a lot of flavor to boot.  Yum! 

Our bill, with the 50% off discount up to $12 off, was pretty reasonable.  In addition to the food above, Beer Boor ordered a bottle of soju that he then proceeded to polish off (I refused to have any as I was already pretty toasty from the event).  Let’s just say that the lesson of soju’s power is hard learned by those who don’t heed my warnings…

which repeated itself about two weeks later.  HB had her own Scout Mob code and wanted to use it for a Friday girls’ night.  So I returned to the same location and met up with HB, SpB and AB, with StB making a surprise appearance for a short bit (hey, she isn’t StB for no reason… ha!). 


I was having a hard week, so I wanted soju.  I decided on the yogurt soju since AB, true to her name, is allergic to pretty much all of the other flavors.  This jar appeared… though you serve soju in shot glasses, you are meant to sip soju, not shoot it.  Be warned.  Put it this way: SpB doesn’t appear to have much experience with soju, so I kept telling her “bottom’s up!” and she obliged, while AB and HB, with whom I’ve shared much soju over the years, drank much more conservatively. 


We started off with the seasoned fries, which were tasty. 


Next up, more zucchini fries; again, very good, though I’ll note that this time they arrived with only wasabi mayo for dipping. 


Large order of the soy garlic wings; we’ve all been here before and everyone agreed that the spicy just doesn’t hold up to the soy garlic. 


After a round of eating and lots of drinks, I decided we should have salad to be healthy.  The salad was $7 or 8 and big enough for all of us to share easily, which was nice – when we’d ordered it, I wasn’t sure how big or small it would be.  Great size to just round out a meal of fried chicken! 

And by the end of the night, we’d taken down two bottles of the yogurt soju.  I say this again for all y’all that don’t have any or much experience with soju: that ish will f* you up.  I’ve had enough soju in my life that I knew what I was doing – sort of – and I still managed to get pretty blitzed that night.  Even HB, who was holding back rightfully so, was pretty tipsy by the time we went elsewhere to continue drinking… In any case, flavored soju is a lot of fun to drink, but it’ll go down easy and then take you down with it.  Heed my warning!!! 

Yvo says: I really enjoy Bon Chon’s laidback atmosphere, giant projector TVs on each wall (great for watching Carmelo’s first game as a Knick, which I did the first night mentioned here), and the food is great too.  It’s actually a great lounge to sit, eat, and drink… and it wasn’t that expensive at all.  The second night, with everything mentioned plus another small plate of chicken (we were hungry!), the total came to about $20 a person (5 people) after our $12 discount.  Not bad at all!  I will definitely be returning to hang out again and again…

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  1. T.C. says

    I like those shots of milk…yogurt soju!! I don’t think I had before.

    MmmmmmmmMmmmmmmm korean fried chicken. Me wants!

    Wha, Salad? Well, with all the fried goodies, otay to balance it out a bit.

  2. says

    If they’re going to sell me a half-liter bottle of soju for $12, I have no choice but to accept it. I really don’t think it’s merely 19% abv, however.

    Quite pleased with this place. Easier to get to than John St., also.

      • says

        Okay, after last night, I’m inclined to believe it is merely 19%. Two half-liters on my own and barely a whiff of non-sobriety, no hangover whatsoever. So it wasn’t the soju — I’d had too much to drink prior to our previous visit, to be drinking an entire half-liter by myself.

  3. says

    Have you been to Korea before? I can tell you from my experience, many Koreans don’t “sip” their soju. That said, drinking soju after already feeling buzzed = bad news.

    • says

      Whoops – I didn’t explain it clearly. It’s actually soju mixed with yogu (or whatever those mini ‘yogurt’ drinks are? in college, we used to mix them with vodka… I mean… wait), and I THINK Calpico because that’s sort of what it tastes like.

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