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Girls’ night in – sushi & scrabble! – so we ordered in from Fuji Japanese Cuisine.  The above is the sushi party platter for two, even though we had three of us, and it was more than plenty.  You get to choose three sushi rolls, and they choose the sushi pieces for you.  If there’d been two of us, I’d have been mad there were 3 pieces because how do you split that evenly with two people?!  Haha.  Tuna, white tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and fluke… not a bad selection. 

This also came with two miso soups and two salads, for $30. 


We also added on the fried chicken – not kara age as I thought, but tatsuta… and I didn’t like this as much.  Very small pieces of chopped up chicken, which wasn’t quite as juicy and crunchy as kara age is.  Lesson learned…


…and an order of ikura age, or fried squid.  All legs/tentacles, which I’m not really used to… not that I mind tentacles terribly, but I’m not used to seeing such big ones and only those pieces.  This was OK. 

I’d stick to just the party platter and maybe add on rolls next time if we’re worried it’s not enough food!  Also very cool is that you can order alcohol to be delivered with your order – we added on a bottle of plum wine for $13.  Sure, there’s a markup but still, on a cold night, it’s delivered right to your door, and I’m not sure you can beat that… (they also have white or red wines but not much selection; and a decent selection of sakes though I know nothing about that…) (Scroll all the way down for the beverage menu.)

Yvo says: Not a bad option for delivery, and I definitely foresee us ordering from them again for a girls’ night in.  The sushi platter was great for the three of us to munch on, and tasted as it should.  I appreciated the inclusion of white tuna (one of my favorites) because I don’t always see that in these platters, but it does seem to be getting more popular.  And our total, with tip, tax, everything?  $21/person.  Not bad. 
recommended for delivery

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