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It’s a testament to how awesome my friends are that they indulge me when I want to do something like… go to Dave & Buster’s for some video games.  (I am addicted to the Super Trivia Fun Game – ok, I don’t know if that’s the name, but that’s how I feel about it!) 


Since we were a little hungry, we went to the restaurant side first and ordered some food – pausing over the “$15.99 + $10 game card” option and instead going straight for the big guns, $40 in game chips and unlimited video game play (that’s video games that don’t have tickets).  The above, our chips and cheese dip, tasted just like Tostitos queso dip from the jar.  That isn’t to say it’s bad, because I have been known to buy that and eat it myself over the course of a few weeks, but… you know, at a restaurant, I’d like to get the whole jar, then.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  – this came as part of one of the appetizer trios. 


BlindBaker wanted to try the spinach and cheese dip, so we got that as well.  Not bad, but not interesting, either; one of those guilty pleasures that some of us feel the need to order in chain restaurants (I’ve been known to be guilty of this… I do so love melty cheese product!).  Mmm! 


The rest of our appetizer trio – baked potato skins and wings.  Nothing was particularly offensive nor wonderful; frozen, freshly heated up, it was as expected. 


The entree chosen was grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, string beans, and mashed potatoes.  Enjoyable enough, but as I’ve already said, it was as we expected it to be. 

The real deal of the night was the unlimited video game play we then had!  We rushed over to take advantage and actually stayed until closing; it worked out nicely that I was able to stand there swiping the card frantically so enough lives were available to try to play a game normally (we weren’t very good at it!).  But this is great for kids who want to beat arcade games… it won’t break the bank! 

Yvo says: No the food isn’t amazing, but it’s solid, decent food, and will fill your tummy for decent prices.  Coupled with their deals – I think they even have coupons sometimes – for the video games, built in entertainment, it’s really quite a great place to hang out for a few hours and relax with fun games (I really do love that Super Fun Trivia Game since I’m kind of good at it).  And yes, I’ve gone here without eating at all… Oh and they have really good happy hour prices for drinks (I think it’s buy one, get one).  ๐Ÿ™‚
recommended for the video games first, the food is secondary

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  1. T.C. says

    Definitely a place for the kiddies. Too bad Dave & Buster’s isn’t as awesome as the Dave & Buster’s in LI (formerly known as Jillian’s, where there are more arcades, bowling and pool).

  2. BeerBoor says

    $40 for $40 in card value, unlimited video games that night, *plus dinner? Sounds like if you’re going to plow through $40 there anyway, it would be silly not to take them up on that offer every visit (until the offer is gone).

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