Tuesdays with TT: Ali Baba

After getting back from the wedding in Delaware, my parents offered to drive CT & me back to the city and take us out to dinner. One of my go-to delivery places is Ali Baba for Turkish cuisine. In the almost 6 years I have lived in the neighborhood, the food has been consistently good. Usually I only order out from there and I think I have actually only eaten there once. AB and I have been suggesting to my parents for years that we go there. Unfortunately AB couldn’t make it this time.

After being seated, we were giving a basket of their great homemade Turkish bread. They always do a good job with it, making it have the right amount of burntness.

I ordered 2 appetizers for the table.

Hummus. They did a really good job with it. Super smooth and perfect with the bread.

I haven’t gotten the octopus salad appetizer in a long time, so I wanted to get it again. It was a very simple presentation with sliced peppers, onion, olive oil and lemon juice. A very fresh salad that was nice on a hot day.

CT got the Spicy Beyti Kebab for her entree. It is ground lamb flavored with garlic, hot peppers, parsley and grilled on skewers. I had a couple bites and it was very good with just the right amount of spice.

Mom got the Lahana Dolmasi (Stuffed Cabbage) cabbage leaves stuffed with ground lamb, rice, fresh dill and seasonings. Although the flavors were different than she was used to, she said it reminded her of the stuffed cabbage her mother used to make. I had a bite and it was also good, but not something I would order.

Dad got the Karides Guvec (Shrimp Casserole) a casserole of baked shrimps, mushrooms, vegetables, topped with kashar cheese and chef’s sauce and served with rice. He liked this a lot since he gobbled up the whole thing.

I got something different this time around, the Karides Sis (Shrimp Shish) char-grilled shrimps in our chef’s delightfully light sauce and served with mixed green salad. This was very tasty. Two shrimp kabobs with grilled peppers and grilled lemon. The shrimp was cooked perfectly, which is not easy when it is grilled.

Overall, it was a great meal with great service. I remember last time I was there the service wasn’t good. I am happy that they have kept up the quality of their dishes over the years, which is not easy in NYC. It was nice of my parents to take me and CT out for dinner and I think they really enjoyed their food.

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    Was it delightful? Looks good. I adore Turkish cuisine – love, love, love Turkish Kitchen’s taramasalata – but find it hard to get really really good stuff… usually just OK.

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      Simon- it’s Turkish, not Lebanese, but close.

      As a fellow food blogger, don’t you know it is frowned upon to use a flash inside a restaurant?

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