Tuesdays with TT: Pinche Taqueria

Over the past couple of months I have become quite the food blogger. I or (CT) bring a camera to every restaurant we go to. Since Yvo has been busy with school, I am stepping up and will now have a weekly column, Tuesdays with TT. Bon Appetit!

I love good tacos. It still amazes me that are very few places in NYC that make a great taco. After traveling to Austin a few times to see my sis and having some great tacos, I really don’t see why the same tacos can’t be made in the greatest city in the world? Cascabel is unfortunately the lone exception to the rule. Pinche Taqueria has been on my horizon for a while now. I went to see Solitary Man at the Angelika with BLC and CM, so it was a perfect opportunity to grab a bite at Pinche afterwards. It was a pretty good movie starring Michael Douglas.

Pinche Taqueria is in a very small, triangular space next to the Bleecker Street 6 train subway station. Accordingly, it only has a few small tables and no waitress service. This helps keep prices very reasonable.

We started with some nachos($6.25). As you can see they were a gloopy mess. The guacamole was especially sad. Check out how watery it is. It was not a good way to start the meal.

I was pretty hungry so I got three tacos.

Taco al Pastor($2.95). Spit-Grilled Pork. All of the tacos come with a nice heaping of the sad guacamole. The taco was tasty, but could use a little more spice. I put some extra salsa on from the communal station, but it did not help very much.

Taco De Carnitas($2.95). Braised pork. Again, tasty, but the flavor was weak.

Taco De Camaron($3.95). Shrimp. My favorite of the three, but once again on the bland side.

CM got the same as me. BLC got the carnitas and the chicken.

Here is the Taco De Pollo Asada($2.95). Charbroiled chicken. Not much to say here too.

All in all, it was a ok meal after the movies. Good for a quick bite, but nothing special. I hope there is a taco renaissance in the city soon or possibly and uprising to tell restaurants that New Yorkers will no longer accept mediocre tacos. Everything used to make tacos in Austin is available here, so there is no reason they shouldn’t be the same albeit pricier.

NOTE: This is a different location below. I went to the Lafayette Street location.
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  1. says

    This place has been on my radar FOREVER…but maybe I won’t try to get there so fast. Few things are as sad as watery guac.

  2. CT says

    At first I was going to be upset you went without me… but after looking at those pictures, (that gauc looks more like salsa!) I’m pretty ok with it.

    I do think Pampano’s taqueria has pretty delicious tacos too… although still not as good as casabel’s

  3. SammyF says

    ‘Cause if that’s guacamole… I’m going to fly up from San Diego and slap them. I have NEVER seen guac look like that. Ever.

  4. Gobotzoo says

    I live near the Lafayette location and have never really enjoyed it, but the Mott St. branch is usually a few cuts above. I wouldn’t rule out going there, just maybe head to the other location . . .

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