Martha’s Country Bakery – Strawberry Shortcake


Recently, talking about strawberry shortcake, Esther pointed me to Martha’s.  I’ve written about Martha’s a few times; while I don’t like their cupcakes all that much, my best friend loves them… my boyfriend likes their fruit tarts quite a bit and I love their cookies.  So when Esther told me that their strawberry shortcake is really good, I headed over and snagged a slice.  Doesn’t it look GOOD?


Esther had mentioned the use of strawberry preserves, and I was eager for that.  Unfortunately, as I’d been given the very pretty end slice, there was way more whipped cream at one end than otherwise.  I was a bit saddened by this, because


The side with preserves was totally nommylicious!!!  I wanted more!  I’d totally go back and get another slice – but this time, I’d ask for NOT the end piece!  Otherwise, there’s too much whipped cream and not enough preserves… drool! 

Yvo says: At about $3 a slice, not that expensive (considering what you might pay elsewhere for a simple slice of cake), and quite tasty indeed.  I would definitely get this again.

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  1. T.C. says

    I want CAKE! I haven’t had their strawberry shortcake yet. Lotta cream going on.

    Their cupcakes are alright for me.

  2. says

    I do not like their cupcakes either. I thought somethign was wrong with me!
    I recently had their tiramisu. And i wasnt diappointed. I can tell you that I have had better tiramisu in Little Italy but when a craving for cappuccino and chocolate dessert presented itself i wouldnt hesitate to take a 30 min walk to Marthas for some tiramisu. I mgiht have to try this strawberry shortcake- since you and i like/dislike pretty much the same foods.

  3. FeistyOne says

    How can they possibly call it strawberry shortcake when they use preserves? Ugh. Might as well slap some peanut butter on there and call it PB&J. By no stretch of the imagination is that strawberry shortcake. Must be you can’t get fresh fruit in NYC?

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