BF and I hit up Forbidden Planet fairly frequently for our comic needs, then generally wind up going to a movie at the UA theater right across the street from it.  So a few weeks ago, when we tried to go see Cop Out with TT and CT at the same theater, we of course dropped by Forbidden Planet… but then decided we needed to eat something quickly before the movie started.  He wanted pizza and I remembered passing by this place a number of times, always thinking it was pie, not pizza pie, so we went in…

Pie’s gimmick is that you pay by the pound.  There used to be a pay-by-the-inch place (that’s what she said) somewhere, but I never wound up going there… I wonder if the two concepts are related at all – like maybe someone saw PINCH and decided to do pay-by-the-pound pizza. 


It was really awkward telling the guy I wanted smaller pieces than he seemed to want to give me.  Whatever, I got some fresh cubed (fresh mozz, tomatoes and basil), some ricotta/prosciutto, and BF ordered a plain and four cheese section.  This plus two drinks and two cookies came to $18… which seems really high for a bit of pizza, no? 


I bit into the fresh cubed and was really pleased with it.  Super thin crust, bursting with flavor from the mini mozzarella balls, tomatoes, basil… just awesome.  Since this was the first slice I ate, I got really excited for the rest of the pizza. 


Unfortunately, I hadn’t looked too closely at the prosciutto slices, and thought those were also fresh mozzarella balls.  Nope, that’s ricotta, soft plops of ricotta – which sounds awesome, but tasted awkward and out of place on this pie.  The prosciutto was cooked to an odd color, and BF refused to try some because it looked too weird.  I was seriously disappointed with this slice. 


An upskirt- the slices were super thin crust but not cracker-like (which I don’t like), and fairly crisp.  Some of the toppings were a bit heavy, so the slices suffered by sagging downwards, but overall, each slice held up well. 

BF didn’t like his four cheese slices however, since one of the cheeses (my guess is gorgonzola) was a bit too pungent for him, but enjoyed his plain slice. 


He also wanted something sweet to end his meal, so he got two cookies.  He said they were nothing special, fine but not wonderful.  Eh, I didn’t have great hopes for them anyways.  I just like pictures of cookies.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Yvo says: I don’t really understand the pricing structure of the online menus I found, but it still seems quite pricey for what it is.  However, that fresh cubed – I will definitely be back to eat more of that when I’m in the area and BF wants pizza instead of a restaurant.  It was really good… though I maintain I am no pizza expert, I liked that slice quite a bit.  The location is also quite convenient to places I’m near often.
recommended for that fresh cubed

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  1. TT says

    2 posts in one day, what a treat, but they did happen on the same day so makes sense.

    I am so upset I didn’t get a chance to see Cop Out. No worries. I already preordered the bluray.

  2. T.C. says

    Never been to Pinch or Pie. I am curious how they do it by the lb but you say pricey so might as well just hit up a regular pizza joint.

  3. says

    Man, my boyfriend and I just ordered a large pizza from Totonno’s the other night that ended up costing us $36(!!!) before tip, so $18 sounds just fine to me. These all sound like great combinations, and the cost structure is interesting, so it’s a shame you weren’t blown away.

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