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I’ve written about BCD Tofu before, but recently headed back and DIDN’T get soondubu (tofu soup).  Above, the banchan which was, per usual, super tasty, though I was sad we got pasta salad instead of potato salad.  I am addicted to Asian potato salads, which are horrible for you. 


And yes, we each got the fried fish again, yay! 


SpB ordered bibim dolsot (dolsot bibimbap?).  I only took a picture because I’ve never had bibimbap, something my friends were all like “Whaaa?  How is that possible?!” but I reiterate, I have very little Korean food experience, and this remains to be corrected.  I didn’t wind up trying any of hers, but she seemed happy with it.  (Bibimbap is, to my knowledge, a vegetable and meat dish; veggies and meat served over rice.  Dolsot is the container it can be ordered in – a hot stone bowl that is heated such that the rice burns or cooks a bit on the outside, creating a ‘crust’ of sorts that is supposed to be delicious.  I am not sure if the raw egg only comes when you get dolsot bibimbap, or if it always comes, but the egg is mixed in with the rice and all the toppings, and some gochujang [red pepper paste] to your own taste, and the egg cooks enough with the hot rice.  Sounds good!) 


Since I wasn’t actually that hungry, I decided to get fried mandoo.  Yes, just mandoo.  I really wasn’t very hungry.


Blurry inside shot (yes, I’d been drinking).  These were pretty tasty, and a super crispy exterior.  Fried properly.  I liked them well enough, though just across the street is Mandoo Bar and I love their mandoo just a bit too much to be normal.  I could see ordering these again when I’m back for soondubu, but I wouldn’t crave mandoo from BCD – well, duh, it’s called BCD TOFU for a reason, right?  Haha. 

The other girls all ordered soondubu and were all happy with their orders. 

Yvo says: I like BCD Tofu for atmosphere, location, and tastiness.  I will continue to go here and discover more dishes to order again and again… or stick to the soondubu ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. T.C. says

    I usually go for bulgogi when eating Korean food. Cho Dang Gol is a good place for tofu. It’s near Han-Bat.
    And Bibimbap can also be vegetarian. My friend orders it with tofu, heavy on the gochujang. ;P

  2. says

    i also get the bibimbap in vegetarian version. just tell the server that you don’t want meat with your meal. I also enjoy the ‘rice crust’ or socarrat ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. rinda says

    i will second ChoDangGol for tofu. it’s homemade and their specialty. If you are adventurous, i’d recommend trying the Kimchi KongBiJi(aka kimchibiji) which is sort of like a soybean porridge (with kimchi and pork). actually, im not sure if porridge would be a fair comparison…maybe it’s safe to say stew? im not too sure here. they also serve regular kongbiji (i know from following your blog that you are not too keen to very spicy foods) but i prefer their kimchibiji much much more.

    also, fyi, chodangol and hanbat are both on 35th st. not 32nd.

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