Friday, July 3, 2015



After a recent dinner with Spicy Ninja and Cookie, they wanted something sweet to nibble on post-dinner (shabu shabu at Quickly - that’s almost 4 years old, the prices are now $14.95).  We wandered over to Ferrara’s and ordered a trio of mini-pastries. 


Napoleon was up first: Bavarian cream filled Pan’di Spagna covered with icing.  It was alright; not my type of dessert. 


Not very attractive to look at, but by far the one I liked the best: the Dacquoise – bittersweet chocolate pouch filled with praline & gianduia cream.  The outside shell was not too sweet, and was filled with yumminess. 


Definitely the prettiest, the Cheminee (chocolate chimney filled with chocolate & vanilla mousse & a berry) won on looks but wasn’t my cup of tea. 

I think the trio was about $7.50 which wasn’t bad for a nice sampling of little pastries. 

Yvo says: I’ve actually always avoided Ferrara’s for the touristy trap it seemed to be, but I’m glad Cookie suggested we go in and have a bite.  It was a cute place and huge inside – tons of seating – and I would definitely go back to sample more of the many pastries they have in their glass cases. 

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7 Responses to “Ferrara’s”
  1. Aimee S. says:


  2. andrea says:

    any take on Venieros vs Ferrara? Haven’t been to either in AGES!

  3. Witzel says:

    Mom used to go to Ferrara’s on dates with Dad, waaaay back when. I don’t care that they’re touristy now, I love going just because of that.

  4. Those pastries look delicious!

  5. T.C. says:

    The Dacquoise looks tasty. I want one in my belly now. lol.

  6. Lkp says:

    I think Ferarra’s makes the best cannoli in New York, and it’s not even my favorite pastry! Their rainbow cookies (or 7-layer bars, call them what you will) are OUTSTANDING. Now I want to go back!

  7. VwL says:

    The lobster tail at Ferarra’s is really delicious! :)

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