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Diners – at least diners the way I think of diners, standalone, have their own parking lots, open 24 hours, filled with drunk young people on Friday & Saturday nights coming back from the clubs, filled with older people, families and yuppie couples in their late 20s that didn’t go clubbing the night before on Sunday mornings… you know, diners – are in short supply in Manhattan.  So when I stumbled upon Pearl Diner a few years ago – my gym is on that block, and I was heading back home after a pathetic workout, I crossed onto Pearl Street and there it was – I made it a point to check the place out.

Of course, this was back in 2006, when BF & I lived in the city – on Pearl Street, actually – and unfortunately, at the time, Pearl Diner wasn’t open on Sundays.  It is now, but it’s a little late.  BF and I went there a handful of times for breakfast, and it was fine, but I didn’t write about it for whatever reason. 

Well, recently, I’ve been craving salads & burgers (I know, odd combination, and it’s not like I want both…), so I headed back there to avoid all the generic delis that toss your salad for you in front of everyone and just… no.  Too much dressing and just, no, no, no. 


I started off with a small Greek salad – tons of feta here, a stuffed grape leaf, olives, and pretty yummy overall.  My one big issue was the vinaigrette- which was purplish in color, strangely- came in this bottle that I had a lot of trouble shaking over my salad.  It just didn’t want to come out, which was a little annoying.  Otherwise – yum, I would definitely go back for another one of these, as it is a good size at the small. 


I also ordered a bacon cheeseburger deluxe, with seasoned curly fries, just because I could.  Tons of bacon – I actually ate some of it alone, as there was too much for the burger! – and I was happily provided mayo when requested.  The fries were seasoned well, tasty, and crispy.  The cole slaw was alright, inoffensive.


And the burger? was pretty much what I want in a diner burger.  Melted cheese, good crust, salty enough, cooked properly and a good size.  I was very happy with my burger.  It hit the spot.

Yvo says: Good, solid diner food – sometimes that’s what a girl craves.  Pearl Diner delivers.  I’m happy there’s a diner in the area, even if I’ve moved out of the neighborhood – I will definitely be back for more solid comfort food.  Yum. – I forgot to mention that the prices are totally normal diner prices and not outrageous at all – the above cost me $20 with a very generous tip, no drink.

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  1. SkippyMom says

    You would think, me being in the south, diners would be a dime a dozen, but nope. You have to road trip to find one – everything here are chains.

    This post makes me nostalgic – both items looks delicious [FETA! BACON!] – I am hungry just looking at it. May have to take a road trip this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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