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Once more following Daniel/Downtown Lunch around… it’s been an interesting couple of weeks with the lack of bento and the excess eating out, so I’ve been able to try a lot more of these places.  Anyway, The Country Kebab – I’m constantly looking for good kofte like I had in Turkey.  Or at least something delicious, whatever!  I’m game! 


Here’s the menu from outside the place.  I opted to get the lamb kebab platter.  They freshly cook it while you wait, so it does take a few minutes, but whatever.  It smelled delicious.  You get to choose your sides, too – he said “pick 3” so I did.


He probably thought I was weird when I picked brussels sprouts.  They were pickly/vinegary, but tasty.  The broccoli also looked super fresh and tasty (it was vibrant green instead of mushy/soggy looking; I will get that next time).  Hummus was delicious with the hot fluffy pita? they provided, and I also got stuffed grape leaves because I really like those.  Except not these.  They were really mushy and… this may not surprise some people… sweet.  Later on, I looked at the menu and discovered there are raisins in their mix.  I like savory grape leaves, stuffed with rice and seasonings, not rice & raisins.  If you like the sweet kind, these were good – though very soft – but just not my thing. 


And the lamb?  Cooked properly, still juicy, soft and tasty, not gamey, this was pretty good.  It could use a little more salt, but I just dipped it into the provided tzatziki and/or the hummus as I ate, wrapping it in pieces of the fluffy pita and enjoying myself thoroughly.  It was a bit too much food, though I ate it all anyway (oink! oink!)… I was definitely fighting falling asleep when I went back to work.  Yummy. 

Yvo says: Thankfully, its location next door to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue means it’s far enough away that I don’t have to fight temptation every day to eat monster plates of food.  I would definitely go back for more, the offerings are solid enough that I imagine most things there are good.  They had a rotating roster of soup (a couple of people came in while I was eating and a decent number of people went straight for soup, leading me to believe it’s good), and the sandwiches were pretty big too.  Yum… good value and good food should go hand in hand everywhere as they do here.

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  1. SkippyMom says

    You do this to punish me, don't you? sigh….

    I can skip the hummus [never a fan] but to be so cruel as to combine pickly/vinegary brussel sprouts with lamb kebab?

    You are simply, sniff, not my friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Skippy wanders off dejectedly to eat a homemade bean burrito and dream about sprouts and lamb

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