SF 2k8, Day One: Arrival Snack: Bi-Rite Creamery

*Note: this is a photo of the outside of the grocery store of the same name, a block away.

After we landed uneventfully in SFO around 11:20 am, there was nothing more that B & I wanted besides to check into the hotel we’d be staying for the night, take a hot shower, relax a bit, and then wander around and shop before our late evening dinner with his friend MM & MM’s girlfriend, Spoon.  A miscommunication led us to not know where the heck we were staying, and unable to reach MM, we wandered around for a bit.  Luckily, I’d read about BI-RITE CREAMERY recently on Serious Eats, and had printed out the article so we could go while we were there.  What else to do then?  Our trusty (well, not really, the one included with the rental car SUCKS…) GPS led us over to Bi-Rite easily (which, I discovered, was across the street from Delfina, where fellow food blogger Avenue Food’s sister works – I wanted to go back, but wound up not having time). 

The day’s menu… yum, yum, look at all those delicious sounding flavors!

Hooray for organic…

boo for organic prices.  But, we’re on vacation, so I’m totally happy to oblige.  Afterall – and this turned into my refrain for the entire trip – when will I next be able to have this?  (Next year, probably; I seem to make my way to the Bay Area about once a year.)

B asked to try the roasted banana because it sounded so unique to him; he tried it, loved it, and didn’t think twice about ordering a double scoop of that.  Odd for him since Coffee Toffee sounds like his idea of heaven for ice cream (his favorite Coldstone concoction consists of Coffee, Heath Bars, and caramel).

*sorry for the wrong focus; B is kind of impatient while I’m photographing his food and I like to hurry and do it on one shot

B’s double scoop of roasted banana, $4.75.

I love that banana caramel combo – and now it officially reminds me of the Bay Area! – so I made my own by ordering a single of roasted banana & salted caramel (which is on top).  Yes, somehow, that above is a single, $3.25.  The salted caramel was creamy, dense, and delicious; not much salt shone through, but it was still delicious and not overwhelmingly sweet.  The roasted banana was also very good, with definite hints of roasting essence coming through, making the banana mild and delicious. 

Then.  This happened.

By far the funniest picture of the trip, I can’t say I was initially amused.  I did think to take the picture – and no, it wasn’t posed, though he knew I was taking a picture because I yelled “Stand right there, don’t move!” – but I was kind of pissed.  In my defense, we’d arrived, unable to check in anywhere, and I thought it might be a foreshadowing of the lack of planning to come, and I was very grumpy from being unable to settle in somewhere, plus I’d just spent $8 on ice cream, which is almost unheard of from me (I like to spend sparingly where I can, and these are both calories and dollars I can do better saving).  I then told him to go inside and tell them what happened – I was sure they’d be nice about it and maybe give him a small scoop to compensate – but he refused.  So I was very grumpy, though looking at the picture I’d taken did make me keep laughing – and I’m now totally able to laugh about it, haha.

But my non-floor ice cream was really good; I proceeded to inhale my cone (I totally offered him some, but he declined).

Yvo says:  Yum, yum, YUM!  If you’re in the area or going to be in the area, head on over for some delicious gourmet ice cream.  The flavors change with the seasons, so what I had may not be available when you’re there (errr, well, caramel should be, I don’t think caramel is seasonal?), but everything on the menu sounds so good.  I actually tried to go back during my trip but was unable as I had no time and no appetite for ice cream when I did have a minute.
recommended, though a bit pricey

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  1. Hungry Bitch says

    Your BF looks totally glum that his cone mound toppled to Earth. If you are a nice chick, and I’m sure U R, buy him a new 1, on me.

  2. Rochelle says

    Oooh I like the fact that you mixed flavors. BF was booooring! ;O)

    Just kidding, I bet the banana was so good, I’d want a double scoop too.

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