Under Construction

Well, that sucked. I got all gung-ho about posting again, and was trying to work out something that would work for my lifestyle, thought I had it figured out… and then my site went bust. So, I have some stuff in the pipeline, but I’m holding back on posting anything new until the site is…

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A version of this appeared as several photos posted to my Instagram. Told you to follow me there! I am determined to start posting again, but my photo widget that I use to automatically resize photos for feistyfoodie.com isn’t working properly and I can’t seem to fix it… so if anyone wants to help on…

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Origin Story: #AdventuresWithJinx

It’s been a while – new posts are coming soon, life is just extremely hectic… but this is one that has been repeatedly requested. If you follow my posts on Instagram (and you really should for super up-to-date food posts), you’ll have noticed the somewhat recent addition of the hashtag #AdventuresWithJinx and a furry friend…

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Rai Rai Ken

This is from a date in late January… but it went well, and as a result I have nothing that I would share publicly. When you date people who work late hours, you become familiar with the late night eating scene. Luckily, late night ramen is a very real thing in our lovely city, and…

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Levain Bakery

COOKIES. For my brother’s birthday, I ran over to Levain and picked up 3 cookies – ostensibly one each for my mother, brother and I – to enjoy post-hotpot. Levain has long been lauded as some of the best cookies in the city, and yes I waited on a very long line that moved quickly…

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