Hong Kong in Photos

While I was in Hong Kong, I snapped tons of photos that don’t have a real home anywhere… so I thought I’d share them in one big pic-heavy post, especially since I’ve been unable to find the time to really sit down and write as much for y’all as I’d like – and I’ll be…

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Wonton Noodle Soup

After I checked into my awesome hotel, it was roughly 9 pm and I was in need of food before passing out for the night in preparation for my amazing full first day in Hong Kong! Knocking another continent off the list! (I’m up to 4 now.)  I went to the front desk and the…

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Sohotel Hong Kong

I did a lot of research on what airline to fly, so I obviously did a lot of research on where I should stay as well. I don’t recall where it was that I read about SOHO being a great area to stay – or was it that ex-pats live there? – but I stumbled on…

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Two weeks ago, I was standing in a park alongside the James River in/outside Richmond, Virginia. I’d just had a very difficult moment while atop some rocks partway through the river, paralyzed by fear (fear of dropping Jinx in the river; fear of dropping my phone in the river; fear of falling in the river…

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Hong Kong 2015 – Cathay Pacific

For my 35th birthday, I took a huge plunge and decided to go to Hong Kong. The many, many reasons that I’d never visited Asia are so many to list, and some so incredibly personal and/or totally off the wall that I won’t be detailing them here… or anywhere… likely ever, but it does also…

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