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Steph came to visit Sorry, this was months ago This was our dinner. Santa Barbara oysters with yuzu sauce 3 omakase But why only two oysters? So Steph and I shared. Oysters were OK But nothing really special Still, why only two? avocado, cream cheese, salmon, turnip Very pretty dish but the texture was too soft Flavor was one note Amberjack, sea bream, tuna You serious, bro? Again, brought only two plates GIVE US EACH OUR OWN Charge us more? That’s fine! Requested one plate for each Why’d we have to ask?? okra, Japanese sweet potatoes Smoky sweet and charred Yay! Yummy vegetables! Steph was so happy. Mushrooms – shiitake and enoki My favorite dish Meaty mushrooms make mouths smile. Earthy, tender, sweet. Steak… with no grill marks, though we saw him grill it! No trick of lighting Why is the meat grey? Ugly Soft, lacking flavor giant prawn Overcooked, rubb’ry Sad giant prawn mishandled Woe is my belly. whole thread fin Eh. It’s a whole fish. Fresh, sure, but not amazing. We ate it all, though. Obviously... [continue reading]


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Dear Danji & Chef Hooni Kim… I recently had the great pleasure of dining at your establishment, where I have wanted to dine for easily at least 3 years now. I missed more than a few opportunities to do so along the way – entirely because of mishaps and miscommunications – but you were always on my radar. As luck would have it, a friend recently surprised me by picking me up after French class at fiaf and driving crosstown for us to eat a late dinner – or as I put it, “when guys let me make them eat things they have never eaten and consider weird” – except, to my great sadness, this meant that I was not prepared to report on the meal. I did not have my dSLR with me, and in such a dark restaurant, the pics I took with my amazing Samsung Galaxy S5 still are just too dark to bother tinkering with to post here. I am sorry to both you and your staff, and also to my readers, but this will be the first time in a very, very long time, that I will post about food without photos. Because it was that good... [continue reading]


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Easing back into blogging… *waves* hi y’all! Thanks for being patient. For those who want to know, doggie is doing much much much better though not 100% and she greatly appreciated all of your patience while I took care of her instead of writing here. (Though she’d prefer I continue to not write, as she’s sitting and staring sadly at me right now…) I know I already waxed poetic about my love of Potatopia, but it actually bears repeating – and trying new items. The day that post went up, I got such a fierce craving to return that I went back that night and ordered one of their “signature meals” – the Lower East Sider, which, though I don’t remember the exact price points, I know if I ordered it all as a build-your-own would cost far more than they wanted as a pre-fab. Tater tots topped with ‘house salt’, sour cream, scallions, cilantro and… lox. If memory serves, I also added a bunch of veggies because this was going to be my dinner for the night – and I... [continue reading]

Summer Break

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Hi all… I haven’t forgotten about you. I have lovely, yummy, delicious posts to share with you! But unfortunately, life is getting in the way and I simply can’t continue to stress myself and try to post 3x a week. Or even 1x. I am currently very sadly going through a very, very difficult time with regard to the love of my life, my heart, my soul (those are all the details I care to share here, but thank you for your positive thoughts and energy), and I think my time would be better spent with her than attempting to write while she gives me puppy eyes. After a bit of consideration, I’ve decided to suspend posting until after Labor Day. I know that’s almost a whole month away, but I promise, it’ll be worth it! Hopefully I will return revived, refreshed, and ready to go, and share all of my eating adventures with you. In the meantime, have a fabulous rest of the summer, I look forward to reconnecting with you soon! xoxo Yvo Share and Enjoy: Read More →

Butcher Bar (a poem)

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Butcher Bar (a poem)

Dear Butcher Bar… I wanted you to be good. My brother seems to really like your food. Unlimited and quick refills, Maine Root sodas – um yes please my root beer never went half empty, our waitress was the bees’ knees. After our long wait for a table, our tummies did growl and grumble we needed to eat, stat! – so we ordered guacamole, yes at a BBQ place But why did it take so long to come? We started to mumble And then it came; the avocado was cut with distinct sour cream taste Our food finally began to arrive: pickles and cole slaw accompany each platter Slaw was solid – reminded us of Ben’s Best; pickles were bright and crunchy vegetable matter I actually ordered two platters so that I could try more things The three sides combo, here’s a side salad – not terribly interesting Oh my gosh, the mac & cheese – shockingly amazeballs Al dente pasta, creamy cheese, wasn’t trying too hard, I ate it all (I love mac n cheese but you gotta be on guard: places can’t keep the... [continue reading]

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