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Dear Dad

October 31, 2014 by  

Dear Dad, Another year has gone by since you left me. Sure, left the entire world, but I’m feeling particularly victimized today for reasons that have nothing to do with you nor this blog. It hasn’t gotten easier to deal with all the milestones that you miss as each year passes. It hasn’t gotten easier to watch all of the father-daughter scenes in movies and remember how, no matter what I achieve in life, no matter what I accomplish and take on… I’ll never be able to have those things with you. You walking me down the aisle. You lifting my veil over my head (me having to stoop so you can reach). You dancing with me and telling me how beautiful I look in my wedding gown. You holding each of my children, and spoiling them rotten as you’re inclined to do. You giving me advice on all of the things I’ve done, do, and will do without you… each job offer I’ve gotten, considered, and either accepted or rejected. You walking through the home I’ve bought and any homes I will buy, telling... [continue reading]

A Birthday of Favorites

October 27, 2014 by  

I’m writing this from the apartment I rented in Paris, snuggled into a blanket and listening to the football scores update as my fantasy teams kick butt. Life is good. For several years now, I’ve been choosing a theme for each birthday. 30 was Michelin stars – I visited a total of 6 Michelin stars in the month of October. 31 was a lost year for many reasons I won’t describe, and 32 had me celebrate with Thomas Keller on the left coast and Daniel Boulud on the east coast. 33 was the year of sushi… But what was this year? Knowing I’d be spending the actual day in Paris alone, celebrating my birthday for almost an entire week alone in a completely foreign place and making my own journey, creating and finding new favorites, I decided that it should be, with my friends and family, about old favorites. There are so many places I enjoy so thoroughly in NYC that I never return to (and some I return to a bit too much), that I made a list and shared it for those people to choose where we should dine to celebrate... [continue reading]


October 23, 2014 by  

I’m on my way to Paris to celebrate my birthday. Hopefully this means more content for you very soon. I mean I HAVE pictures and posts to write, I just… it hasn’t been in me to do so. But it’ll come. In the meantime, there will definitely be a post on my birthday, October 27, and as every year – even during hiatus – a post on October 31. So if no other time, tune in on those days. Thanks for being patient. I’ll see you soon… Or follow me on Instagram because I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures from Paris. à bientôt Yvo Share and Enjoy: Read More →

Todd English Food hall @ The Plaza

October 20, 2014 by  

Todd English Food hall @ The Plaza

Ughhh, do you ever find other people annoying? Because, if you’re anything like me, it happens constantly. I vastly prefer my own company to that of others – it’s no secret how much I dislike almost everyone around me – so when I offer to share my time with someone, it’s kind of a big deal. Unfortunately, more often than not, those people prove themselves to be unworthy of sharing my time, or prove to me that I should just stop offering to share my time with them. I’m one big curmudgeon. I know. One lovely Friday, I was planning on making my way over to The Plaza’s food hall and grabbing a sandwich at No.7 Sub for lunch – the No.7 club calling my name. CY was messaging me that morning, and asked what he should have for lunch. Without thinking – as is my MO – I said ‘well, I’m going to the food hall if you want to join me’ and to my surprise (he works from home in Queens), he immediately agreed and hopped on the subway to meet me. Damn it. When we met up at the... [continue reading]


October 6, 2014 by  


(I’m sorry.) This might just be my new favorite noodle shop above all else. I LOVE SOBA. I’ve known about Cocoron for a while but it’s out of the way and blah, blah, blah, do you guys want to hear my excuses for why I’m slow to do certain things? No? So let’s get to the food. Kara age, or Japanese fried chicken; a boneless (maybe skinless?) chicken thigh that’d been marinated and then fried with a crispy, slightly sweet shell. This was really good. $5 good? Maybe not. But it was good. Jared, the adventurous one, ordered natto soba. This required some work on his part – grinding sesames into a fine meal to sprinkle atop his bowl of soba. I tried the natto. I didn’t die. If you don’t know what it is and have a weak stomach, don’t look it up. I didn’t think it was anything amazing nor gross (well, I knew what it was before I tried it, and had thought the description gross, but once I ate it, the taste wasn’t gross). I actually thought it’d taste more like huitlacoche,... [continue reading]

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