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At Home in Paris

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At Home in Paris

One of the best choices I made for my Paris trip was to use Air BNB and rent myself a cute little studio apartment. It was cheaper than area hotels, I had my own kitchen, I was extremely close (directly above, actually) a small supermarket and across the street from the Metro… It was amazing. The best part – not the view of the very top of the Eiffel Tower from my balcony – but being a 10 minute walk from this. I made a point to walk here every single day, just to sit and admire this. I didn’t need nor want to go to the top; I just wanted to sit and enjoy the view from the bottom. (There’s a long, complicated backstory to why I didn’t want to go to the top, but I doubt I’ll share it here – it is incredibly personal.) The random, small supermarket at the bottom of my building – Franprix – which I was informed isn’t even that good – boasted an incredible selection of cured meats and cheeses that put any non-specialty supermarket in the US to shame. I love snacks... [continue reading]


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Hi all! Imagine my surprise when I searched my various cameras for food photos from Paris and discovered that all of them were on my phone. Oh. So… I lugged my dSLR to Paris and back for no reason. I did not take a single photo using it. Ah well, I’ll be back. Thankfully, the vast majority of my meals were in good lighting, so the phone photos are totally fine. I didn’t want to start the Paris posts on a Friday – especially because the first one is a doozy – so this is just to tell you… I am posting! I don’t know if I’m “back” exactly, but I have a lot on my mind and it makes sense to let you know that things are changing. Life is happening. We’ll see what the next steps are. xo, Yvo Share and Enjoy: Read More →

District Tap House

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District Tap House

This may surprise some people: I’m not a big fan of bars… but I love bar snacks and good sports bars. It’s pretty hard to find the perfect blend of all of these things; a lot of sports bars focus on having TV’s and whatever, so the food is a second thought. Or places with good bar food are all about the food, not the drinks, and have less TV’s than I’d like. Sports bars also tend to focus on beer, which I’ve lately come to find trigger migraines for me (sadface)… In any case, when I recently attended a press event celebrating a bar that purported to have all of the best of these things, I was pretty skeptical. But I started off with very lovely cocktails – ummm, yes please. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since this happened – and the cocktails rotate fairly frequently – so I don’t recall what the above were. But they were delicious and mine had watermelon in it, which is obviously no longer in season. I can’t see deviled eggs on a menu and not order... [continue reading]

Martha Stewart’s One Pot Meals Cookbook – GIVEAWAY!

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Martha Stewart’s One Pot Meals Cookbook – GIVEAWAY!

I had the fabulous good fortune to attend the launch party of Martha Stewart’s latest cookbook: One Pot. Yes, I rubbed elbows with Martha herself, along with a bunch of celebrity chefs… but that’s not what I”m here to discuss! I am a huge fan of Martha’s cookbooks – while I have a fairly extensive library of cookbooks, there are only a handful that I refer to time and time again. A record high of 3 of hers fall in that handful (including this one). I highly recommend her cookbooks. As partygoers exited, we were gifted with our very own copies. When I flipped through it, I wasn’t disappointed – a bunch of recipes popped out immediately and I was very excited to make them. The first one I made: roasted mustard salmon with new potatoes and red cabbage. It was a no-brainer for a lot of reasons; I actually had all of the ingredients in my home already (minus potatoes; it’s nearly impossible for me to keep potatoes in my home because I eat them very quickly), and the entire dish comes together... [continue reading]

Dear Dad

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Dear Dad, Another year has gone by since you left me. Sure, left the entire world, but I’m feeling particularly victimized today for reasons that have nothing to do with you nor this blog. It hasn’t gotten easier to deal with all the milestones that you miss as each year passes. It hasn’t gotten easier to watch all of the father-daughter scenes in movies and remember how, no matter what I achieve in life, no matter what I accomplish and take on… I’ll never be able to have those things with you. You walking me down the aisle. You lifting my veil over my head (me having to stoop so you can reach). You dancing with me and telling me how beautiful I look in my wedding gown. You holding each of my children, and spoiling them rotten as you’re inclined to do. You giving me advice on all of the things I’ve done, do, and will do without you… each job offer I’ve gotten, considered, and either accepted or rejected. You walking through the home I’ve bought and any homes I will buy, telling... [continue reading]

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