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Everyone had their own name for it, but I kept hearing Pat Kiernan on NY1 call it SnowMonster so I took it for my own. Whatevs! I thought it was going to be really terrible, so after they dismissed us early on Monday afternoon, I went home and cooked. Well, first I stopped by the store to see if I could get lemons, and I wanted some fresh veggies. After reading this article by First We Feast,  I didn’t figure there’d be kale at my store. But there was. There was plenty of kale! So much no one needed to fight over it! So much that in fact, no one wanted any. Including me. I went home and made kielbasa and Swiss chard with penne, lots of lemon juice, garlic and red chili flakes. It was good. I hope so anyway, because I made an entire pound of pasta which I never do. Silly me. I’ll share. It’s okay. I like feeding people. (I figured I’d give some to a friend of mine who lives roughly a 10 minute walk away and doesn’t really know how to take care of himself inasmuch as far as providing nourishing and... [continue reading]

League of Kitchens – Cooking with Nawida

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League of Kitchens – Cooking with Nawida

Months and months ago, I learned of this amazing organization called League of Kitchens – cooking classes taught in someone’s home, someone who grew up in the respective culture from which the food comes. What does that mean? It means I got to learn how to make Afghani food from an Afghani woman who was born and raised in Afghanistan and moved to the United States roughly 5 years ago. (Nawida’s English was amazingly good, considering; I would hazard that she picked up English faster than most Americans pick up other languages. I don’t have experience with any of the other instructors yet, but Nawida also turned out to be super charming, a wonderful teacher and very honest and open about her home country, answering all sorts of questions that we asked. I also lucked into being with a group of very cool and interesting people as my classmates who asked lots of really intelligent questions about cultural differences and her life.) Honestly, I have had very little to no experience with Afghan cuisine; I’m not... [continue reading]


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This post goes back to when the weather was nice and we could sit outside to eat and everyone was raving about Charliebird and the razor clams there, and when I was still dating this guy – before I discovered how completely insane he is. (I actually told a friend that there was a real possibility my body would turn up at some point, butchered neatly into the corresponding cuts were I a pig or a cow.) In any case, I took nice photos with my nice camera so I might as well tell you way late about this place that’s no longer on everyone’s lists. Butcher got a beer, I got a gin drink (pretty sure it was the Hemingway made with gin; yes, I asked for a different liquor in my drink). The drink was solid and very heavy with the liquor; I actually had to stop drinking after that because it was warm out and I was getting dizzy. I should also note that because everyone said how busy the place is constantly, I insisted we meet and eat at 5:30 (when they open). The place was empty and was still pretty dead when we left close to 7... [continue reading]


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Sadly, this is the last of my posts from Paris 2014. There will be more trips, but for now, this is all… Interestingly, I did not realize prior to my outbound flight that Icelandair does not provide meals on its flights, despite being international. This was the first time I had flown Icelandair or on an international flight that didn’t feed me repeatedly; not too big of a deal, my outgoing flight was overnight so I slept most of it regardless. That may be why flights were so cheap, too – roughly $700 round trip to Paris with one stop in Iceland! Very affordable. On my way back, though, once I got to CDG and past security, I needed something to tide me over the first flight. I noted that I had some Euros left and headed to the lone sandwich stand in my part of the airport – CDG needs to up its food game, the airports in the US are all about better eating now. Thankfully, for 9,80€ (roughly $11, 12 USD?) I had the option of a sandwich, a soda and a dessert. I chose the Parisienne sandwich (simple sandwich of ham... [continue reading]

The Hater’s Gift Guide to the Holidays

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(I have one last Paris post to write, and I’m dragging my feet a little because I don’t want it to end! I’m reliving my amazing trip through these posts…) Merh. I’m not feeling the holiday spirit. Not particularly grinch-like, but let’s just say that I barely looked up to buy gifts for anyone. I’m a fantastic, personalized gift giver who manages to regularly be the person to get you something you didn’t even realize you wanted but when you open it, you’re like “of course!!! this is perfect!!!” Not to brag or anything. Unfortunately, due to lots and lots of circumstances, I just haven’t felt like doing that this year. It’s a pretty safe bet that this year I’m a hater: hater of all things holiday. I put my tree up to see if I could incite some holiday spirit, but my dog took it upon herself to knock it over when I wasn’t home, and unwrap half of my presents (I don’t tend to open my gifts until Christmas). In any case, whether you’re a hater... [continue reading]

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