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Summer Break

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Hi all… I haven’t forgotten about you. I have lovely, yummy, delicious posts to share with you! But unfortunately, life is getting in the way and I simply can’t continue to stress myself and try to post 3x a week. Or even 1x. I am currently very sadly going through a very, very difficult time with regard to the love of my life, my heart, my soul (those are all the details I care to share here, but thank you for your positive thoughts and energy), and I think my time would be better spent with her than attempting to write while she gives me puppy eyes. After a bit of consideration, I’ve decided to suspend posting until after Labor Day. I know that’s almost a whole month away, but I promise, it’ll be worth it! Hopefully I will return revived, refreshed, and ready to go, and share all of my eating adventures with you. In the meantime, have a fabulous rest of the summer, I look forward to reconnecting with you soon! xoxo Yvo Share and Enjoy: Read More →

Butcher Bar (a poem)

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Butcher Bar (a poem)

Dear Butcher Bar… I wanted you to be good. My brother seems to really like your food. Unlimited and quick refills, Maine Root sodas – um yes please my root beer never went half empty, our waitress was the bees’ knees. After our long wait for a table, our tummies did growl and grumble we needed to eat, stat! – so we ordered guacamole, yes at a BBQ place But why did it take so long to come? We started to mumble And then it came; the avocado was cut with distinct sour cream taste Our food finally began to arrive: pickles and cole slaw accompany each platter Slaw was solid – reminded us of Ben’s Best; pickles were bright and crunchy vegetable matter I actually ordered two platters so that I could try more things The three sides combo, here’s a side salad – not terribly interesting Oh my gosh, the mac & cheese – shockingly amazeballs Al dente pasta, creamy cheese, wasn’t trying too hard, I ate it all (I love mac n cheese but you gotta be on guard: places can’t keep the... [continue reading]


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Y’all know I love baseball… well, over the 4th of July weekend, I wound up going to two games, two different stadiums. Months ago, Eric got tickets for a bunch of us to go to Seinfeld night at MCU Park. Magic Loogie bobblehead! Honestly I don’t really care for Seinfeld – one of the few people in NYC who doesn’t, I bet – but I like baseball, and it turned out this game sold out. And it was a pretty crazy day at the park… AND the Cyclones got their butts kicked sideways and upways and downways, I think the final score was 13-1 or something equally RIDICULOUS. Regardless, the above is a photo of Dessert Zombie and my “buffalo tots” or tater tots with a healthy dollop of buffalo wing sauce (tasted like Frank’s Red Hot to me). Crisply fried, pretty good. I like. Before the game, I got a kid’s meal at Nathan’s – hot dog, fries, a drink and a toy that I handed off to someone else. As always, the hot dog is good. The fries are crap (I don’t like crinkle cut mealy... [continue reading]


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I may have detailed my love of potatoes here in the past, but let me reiterate: when a place called Potatopia opened last year, no less than ten separate people made sure that I knew about it. I was excited. I was ready to go. I was… irritated by early adopters crowding the place, and its location next to West 4th – I’m an East Village kind of girl – meant that I never happened to be nearby. Its counter service nature meant that it was awkward to tell friends “hey let’s go to Potatopia” for a meal – not really set up to be the type of place you go out of your way to visit, you know? I can be extremely patient – or really, I can be really laidback – about going to new places. I have a list of restaurants to visit, and even when I’m making plans with a friend, I rarely consult it. I let other people pick. I like me visiting new places to be more serendipitous, you know? So one random melty evening, while wandering towards home from an event, seeking sustenance… I realized... [continue reading]

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

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Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

I have the greatest friends in the world. I’ve raved about them here ad nauseum, so I’ll just leave it this time at: friends who want to celebrate your personal victories and happinesses, however small or great, are friends to keep… and that’s how Dessert Zombie, Hungry and I wound up at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, which has been on my list forever and a day. I know many people who list this place as their personal favorite steakhouse in NYC, which is pretty high praise – we do not lack for steak. After a brief wait at the bar where we all imbibed – me perhaps a little too much too quickly – we were seated and bread appeared. Generously covered with by not overwhelmed by sesame seeds, I quite enjoyed the bread with the seeds. Good start. Hungry had apprised us ahead of time that there was an off-menu special of house bacon, $6/a piece. I didn’t take a picture to show scale, but these pieces were THICK, and HUGE. I ate maybe 1/3 of the very salty, smoky bacon, and took the... [continue reading]

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