Sunday, April 20, 2014


This might be one of the fastest turnarounds for a post, ever. (I say one of because I know once upon a time, I would attend food festival events and bust my butt to get them out by the next day.) Honestly this is because I have run out of material to post. Ahem. ST visited NYC this past weekend, and since we’ve been talking about going to Talde since forEVER (or since we first started talking), we finally made a trip… and waited… for over an hour for a table. Y’all know that I don’t like waiting for things [...]

What I’ve been eating…

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Told you I was going to try posting this more often! Driving down to NC to visit my girl Aimee, stopped at Cracker Barrel for my favorite chicken fried chicken covered in country gravy, sauteed veggies and hash brown casserole. YUM. Nachos at El Senor. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition to end the trip with WAFFLE HOUSE!!! BLT with my smothered, diced, capped hash browns. YUM. Pork stir fry over rice! I discovered a fantastic stir fry sauce that I made myself. I’ll share the recipe soon. Brunch at Agora Tavern with my bestie. Chicken noodle soup and [...]

Football Snacks

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The really observant among you may have noticed that I didn’t talk much about baseball this past season. No, I was obstinate in my cold shoulder towards baseball, so when football season started, I was ecstatic. Over the moon. I continued playing fantasy football [poorly], and began obsessively watching games. You know what’s a great part of watching games? The food. The snacks. Also… call me weird, but I vastly prefer watching games alone. When you watch with other people, they actually expect you to socialize and like, pay attention to them when they talk. Ugh. So I make a [...]

McCormick & Schmick’s – Happy Hour

After a full day of wandering around and walking the city, Dessert Zombie and I were feeling a bit munchy – or at least I was, and he indulged when I realized we were near McCormick & Schmick’s. Since the first time Midtown Lunch posted about their ridiculous happy hour, I’ve wanted to go, but alas – have these words ever been spoken with such regret? – I haven’t worked in midtown since a short stint in 2003. But no matter – it was just after the happy hour started, I looked up the address, and we were off. Our [...]

The Liberties, Swan Oyster Depot, and Hog & Rocks

Then there’s my somewhat out-of-left-field obsession with watching all the football I can. (Like how I used a baseball phrase there? Yeah…) So one Sunday, SFG took me over to The Liberties – diagonally across from Beast & the Hare – to catch part of the 49ers game (hey, I was in SF). I tried some of their lemonade – which was spiked liberally with vodka – and found it perfectly tasty to imbibe and catch a nice little buzz while watching the game. Of course, drinking leads to snacking… and what goes better with football than wings? Strangely, though [...]

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