Friday, July 3, 2015

Joe’s Shanghai (Flushing)

As I mentioned in my post about Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown, DLS had remarked that he’d liked the soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing.  For completeness’ sake, I decided to visit the one in Flushing and compare myself.  Unfortunately, due to schedules being what they are, I had to visit alone – and therefore only ordered the soup dumplings.  At least they look okay, unlike the ones at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown.  Unfortunately, though these were marginally better than Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown, they still weren’t all that good.  Gummy, thick, and not quite as flavorful soup as one [...]

456 Shanghai Cuisine

Directly after eating at Joe’s Ginger, we walked over to 456 Shanghai after a tip from a food blogger who will remain anonymous lest he comment here telling me that I’m wrong for no longer trusting his food opinions after he gave us this suggestion… Deviating from our normal Shanghainese order, I chose to start with what I thought would be light – cold sesame noodles.  I actually thought this was a fake Chinese dish, but StB informed us that it was actually authentic – I confessed my first time having this dish was at Ollie’s and that got a [...]

Joe’s Ginger

Continuing our quest for soup dumpling nirvana, DLS and I hit up Joe’s Ginger after a long debate about its location and affiliation with Joe’s Shanghai.  StB joined us, but she stuck with vegetarian dumplings (that I didn’t try or photograph).  Since we planned on hitting two different places, we only ordered a steamer tray of dumplings at Joe’s.  Though they took a bit to come out, immediately I was happy that they didn’t look as ugly as the soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai had.  I was surprised by the distinct difference in quality from Joe’s Shanghai to Joe’s Ginger, [...]

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

DLS and I have been on quite a soup dumpling kick lately, obviously, and one of the names that comes up any time soup dumplings are mentioned is Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao.  I mean, it has “soup dumpling” (xiao long bao) in the name!  They must be good.  That and every single time I’ve tried to go, the line has been out the door, which means it must be good, right?  One Tuesday night, Hungry, Cheese, TC, Noah, DLS and I headed into Flushing to see what the hype was about (though a few of us had been before).  [...]

Joe’s Shanghai

One chilly December evening, DLS told me he wanted to go to Chinatown for dinner and suggested a couple of places.  Since I usually am the one to give suggestions (read: pick where we eat), I really wanted to be open to his list, but one place was the recipient of a rare “not recommended” rating from me, and the other was… Joe’s Shanghai.  Pardon me while I laugh into my sleeve; while I KNOW for sure that Joe’s Shanghai had its hey-day, I was not one of those who frequented the place.  Partially because I could never get past [...]

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