Friday, April 18, 2014

John Brown Smokehouse

After I posted about John Brown Smokehouse many months ago, my friends really wanted to go check it out. After a false start, we rescheduled for just after the New Year, and traveled 4 strong to the remote location in Long Island City. Coincidentally, we were there the same night Frommers was there checking it out… Dean way over-ordered; cole slaw, burnt ends, lamb chops, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, collards… We each got our own trays overflowing with food, but since I hadn’t yet tried the mac & cheese, I took a photo of TC’s m&c and tried a bite.  [...]

Daisy May’s BBQ

Sometimes life just doesn’t go quite the way you planned – so it was one December Friday when TC and I headed to Philly and instead wound up at Daisy May’s in Hell’s Kitchen.  As you can see from that post I linked, we both went earlier in the year and found it lacking.  However, this time around, with our creamed spinach, mac&cheese, cheesy corn, collard greens, sweet & sticky ribs and dry rub… we were both really pleased.  I really enjoyed my cheesy corn, collard greens, and sweet & sticky ribs, while TC liked his dishes as well.  The [...]

Birthday Bar Hopping – Canz & Sweet Afton

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Following the Heinz press event, I headed into Astoria to meet up with friends for one last happy hour – at Canz.  Unfortunately, Canz has some weird happy hour that isn’t every day, so on this Thursday, we contented ourselves just drinking and eating what TC and I had enjoyed last time, for full price.  Close to Halloween, El Pizza Padre showed up to show off his muscles.  Hilarious.  There are other pictures of El Pizza Padre in action that night, but those’re for those who were there…  I ordered a side of sweet potato waffle fries to munch on [...]

John Brown Smokehouse

James is one of my favoritest people ever.  Why?  Because he discovers these places I would never discover on my own, and he invites me to join him while exploring them.  Hello?!  What’s not to love about a person who shares awesome discoveries?  In any case, one October Friday, I joined him and Noah for lunch at John Brown Smokehouse, a relatively newcomer to the BBQ scene.  I don’t know much about BBQ, I only know what I like to eat, but that’s enough for me After I arrived and a small bit of conferring, our order was placed at [...]

Neely’s Barbecue Parlor

When it was announced that Neely’s was opening in the Merchant’s space, KC was very excited as it’s in her ‘hood.  Beer Boor was even more excited apparently, as he made haste and went just as soon as it opened.  KC made reservations for a group of us to go about a month into their life, to wait out the kinks and let things shake out the way they might.  So it was in early August FBM gathered for a meal there.  KC and I were first to arrive, so we took seats at the bar to wait for the [...]

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