Saturday, July 4, 2015

Southpaw BBQ

When I was in SF back in October, I walked by Southpaw BBQ and was immediately curious. I’m technically a “southpaw” myself (left handed! though there is a fair number of things I do right handed), but also… I love BBQ. I suppose I should have thought more and realized that if I can’t smell a BBQ restaurant halfway down the block… In any case, I walked by it a lot – these last two trips, I stayed in the Mission – and finally was curious enough that, when asked to pick a place to meet my cousins for a [...]

What I’ve been eating…

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Since the first “What I’ve been eating…” post, I’ve thought often how some things I eat just never make it to the blog, for a slew of reasons. Sometimes it isn’t pretty, or the recipe isn’t quite finessed enough, or I just didn’t like it enough to want to work it all the way through to a complete recipe (yes, my no-measurement recipes are ‘complete’ to a degree!). Or maybe it’s a place I’ve posted about ad nauseum already. Whatever the case, I’ll be doing more of these posts – showing y’all what I eat, so you can eat vicariously [...]

Turning 32 on the West Coast with Thomas Keller

The actual day of my birthday, October 27, found me driving up to Napa Valley/Sonoma – wine country! – to spend the day eating my way through Thomas Keller’s local restaurants. SFG did all the driving, for which I will be eternally grateful – the drive from Sonoma to Napa after dark was harrowing and nervewracking, and I probably would have driven about 20mph slower than he did… given that there are no freakin’ lights on the roads… and they are super twisty… but y’know, I’m still alive, so, okay. The first order of business: visiting addendum, ad hoc’s lunch [...]

Southern Hospitality – Hell’s Kitchen

I get invitations for all sorts of fun things frequently. It’s part of the benefit of not only maintaining my own blog and having an audience that reads what I write, but also, living in a large city like NYC (okay, the largest in the country, but I’ll stop bragging now). Sometimes I just can’t attend all the events, or they just don’t pertain to the blog in a way that I could feel comfortable attending an event simply for swag… so I decline out of respect for other people who might want to go. Well, I was recently invited [...]

John Brown Smokehouse

After I posted about John Brown Smokehouse many months ago, my friends really wanted to go check it out. After a false start, we rescheduled for just after the New Year, and traveled 4 strong to the remote location in Long Island City. Coincidentally, we were there the same night Frommers was there checking it out… Dean way over-ordered; cole slaw, burnt ends, lamb chops, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, collards… We each got our own trays overflowing with food, but since I hadn’t yet tried the mac & cheese, I took a photo of TC’s m&c and tried a bite.  [...]

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