Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mama Dip’s

Before my trip to NC, Aimee mentioned Mama Dip’s to me, and I was sold. I wanted to eat everything on the menu… and I wanted to buy a picnic basket to take home… I planned on visiting, but a shift in scheduling and changes to party… well, I almost didn’t get to go, until I decided what the hell, I’m only down there every once in a while, so I ditched my friend and went alone. When I first arrived to the fairly large restaurant, my awesome server asked if I’d like some hot cider. Umm, yes! this was [...]

Allen & Son

My last trip to NC found me returning to NYC with the horrible realization that I’d failed to visit Allen & Son’s, where, by all accounts (ie, the friends I have whose food opinions I respect deeply), amazing BBQ can be had. So this trip, I made a special point of hitting up the charming shack at the intersection of big road and other big road, pulling into what I think was a parking spot in the lot out front just as rain started falling, mistily, over a chilly NC. One of the few times I wasn’t flying solo in [...]

Schramsberg & Fremont Diner

I actually spent a few days in wine country this year for my birthday, and ate more than just Thomas Keller establishments. SFG mentioned several times – okay, more than several times – how much he’d loved Schramsberg when he visited on his sole trip to Napa Valley 5 years ago. I’d shamefully never heard of Schramsberg previously, and was game to take a tour… unfortunately, they were all booked when we looked online. Then, the clouds parted and the sun shone through – ‘ahhhhh’ – and we were squeezed in for the industry tour, which had a slightly more [...]

What I’ve been eating…

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Since I returned home, it’s been nonstop- can’t even explain all that I’ve been up to just yet. But I’ve been cooking – doing some serious cleaning out of my pantry and everything – so here are some photos of what I’ve been making and eating! Porterhouse I had in the freezer from Fresh Direct – simple seasoning, high heat seated on both sides. Served with miso mushrooms! Didja really think I could finish an entire porterhouse? (Even in my heaviest eating days, I couldn’t. Protein makes me hit the wall really fast.) The leftovers were served over a simple [...]

Tuesdays with TT: Mad. Sq. Eats Spring 2012

A couple weeks ago, it was announced that Mad. Sq. Eats was coming back once again this Spring. CT and I have both enjoyed it a lot during past iterations, so it wasn’t a question of whether we would return. As it has become quite popular, it is all about when you go. We decided to go for brunch this past Sunday hoping to beat the crowds on what turned out to be one of the nicest days of the year. This time around there were a bunch of new vendors than in the past, which helped freshen things up [...]

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