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I’m not sure why I still link to super old posts I’ve written, as I’ve come leaps and bounds from those early years, but I did once upon a time write about Delmonico’s – which is one of the oldest restaurants in the country, and I even briefly discuss the history in that link (and I mention having gone to Delmonico’s once prior to that post – of which I have absolutely zero recollection!). In any case, I have some friends who, when they’re in town and ask me out for dinner, I do everything in my power to join [...]

Turning 32 on the East Coast with Daniel Boulud

Apologies for the extreme delay and leaving you with very little to read! As many of you know (those who follow me on Twitter, in any case), I departed for the west coast in mid-October. I was unexpectedly delayed there when Hurricane Sandy struck, and was only able to come back a few days ago. I hope you are all well and mostly unaffected by the storm… my heart goes out to those who were more affected than I was. I am back now, and will attempt to get back on schedule somehow, and return to making your tummies rumble! [...]


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I was invited to a press lunch at Benihana in Midtown in mid-January, and I almost had to go. I’ve actually been to Benihana once in the past – remember BF (now exBF)? One of our favorite things to do, years ago, was to just take off and go to Atlantic City on a whim, and one of those trips, we took along his friend, who, on the way home, driving through the city, wanted to thank us for taking him with us by taking us to lunch. At Benihana. His favorite restaurant, I believe he called it. I recall [...]

Ai Fiori – Birthday

I enjoyed Ai Fiori so much for lunch in September that when asked where I’d like to go for my birthday, it immediately sprang to mind as the perfect choice.  After we’d been given plenty of time to browse the menu and make our wine selection – I chose a glass of sparkling rose that turned out to be $28, but it was delightful and literally tasted ‘pink’ which the sommelier laughed (not unkindly!) when I told him this – an amuse of kombucha squash topped with a madeira and truffle foam was served.  I didn’t expect to like it, [...]

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse

I’ve never kept it a secret that I do enjoy chain restaurants; I appreciate what their purpose is, and respect when they achieve that purpose fairly well.  Some don’t (Crapplebee’s, I’m looking at you: you served me a bad salad.  Seriously?  How can you make a salad BAD?!  Don’t dry the greens enough and leave them outside or something so they wilt.  Geez.), and some do.  One that I’ve been to a good handful of times in my life now that consistently hit the mark is Charlie Brown’s, a cute “steakhouse” style establishment that boasts inexpensive meals, a location really [...]

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