Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Gamble Mill, Bellefonte PA

What do I like to do when I have to burn vacation time? Why, rent a car, drive well over a thousand miles, visit some friends, and take in some brewpubs in areas remote and urban, of course! One of the several Pennsylvania brewpubs I sought out (that you, Mr. Lander, for the recommendations!) is located in Bellefonte, a sleepy Victorian town just off the Interstate and near State College, home to the Penn State Nittany Lions. The Gamble Mill dates from the 18th century. Though, like most wooden structures of a certain age, much has been rebuilt due to [...]

Earth Bread + Brewery: Philadelphia

Some towns are simply beer-drinking towns. There may not be much else to the place, but there’s almost no way to avoid finding a good beer in most every corner pub or divey-looking bar. I kinda feel that way about Philadelphia. Sure, the cheesesteaks and roast pork are phenomenal, but I just feel… dirty in most of the city. But I keep going back, to join friends in afternoons and evenings of eating and imbibing at our favorite establishments. Earth Bread + Brewery, located in Mount Airy, surely stands above all others with my drinking friends and I from New [...]

508 NYC

Drinking buddies are always welcome in the BeerBoor circle of friends. Drinking buddies willing to travel from their homes in Brooklyn to check out new beer establishments are even better. So it was that Ben and I traveled very different routes to Manhattan’s newest brewpub, 508 NYC. Located well south of my normal wanderings (and close to the location of the Midtown Lunch Birthday Party a few months back), 508 became a brewpub once brewer Anderson Sant’Anna — who also comprises half the Executive Chef team with his wife, Jennifer Hill — received licensing to allow him to sell the [...]

Ellicottville Brewing Company

Even — okay, especially — on vacation, I like to find places to enjoy a couple of local beers and kick back with friends. Headed upsate to Olean, home to St. Bonaventure University and my nephew’s graduation, I decided to drive a little farther and check out Ellicottville Brewing Company, one of two EBC brewpubs in western New York (the other is in Fredonia). I invited a friend to come down, and we met up in Ellicottville. EBC is situated on a side street, but then, most of Ellicottville is side streets. The space screams small-town America, and it’s very [...]