WILD Brooklyn

I was invited recently to pig out at a press dinner at WILD Brooklyn, a gluten free, gluten friendly farm to table Italian restaurant.

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This post is mostly to share pictures with you.

Wild Brooklyn-5.jpg

This did NOT taste like cardboard – very thin crust and actually pretty tasty – margherita pie.

Wild Brooklyn-6.jpg

I thought this one was a little too much cheese – truffle pie.

Wild Brooklyn-7.jpg

The kale Caesar salad was pretty tasty, though some at my table complained of the bitter taste.

Wild Brooklyn-8.jpg

The salmon was a little dry and overcooked.

Wild Brooklyn-9.jpg

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the pear gorgonzola pie – I had two pieces. It was sweet, but balanced well with the gorgonzola, and the same crust really held up well, I thought.

Wild Brooklyn-10.jpg

I was excited to try the roasted beet salad and while it was pretty, the big chunks of goat cheese didn’t lend themselves to easy scooping or taking a bit for oneself.

Wild Brooklyn-11.jpg

This was my first experience with gluten-free pasta. I can’t tell from the menu what it was supposed to be – I know there were mushrooms, which I liked fine enough – but either they overcooked the pasta or gluten free pasta is just a mushy mess. This was not tasty whatsoever… I was actually slightly horrified that this might be what gluten free people have to eat as ‘pasta’ – that’s how bad it was.

Wild Brooklyn-12.jpg

Not sure which pizza this was since arugula isn’t listed on the menu, but the arugula kept falling off.

Wild Brooklyn-13.jpg

One of the many dangers of eating at a place that caters to restricted diets is the abundance of coconut in things. I couldn’t eat the pretty cheesecake.

Wild Brooklyn-14.jpg

And the server didn’t know, and didn’t seem to care, if there was coconut in this. (It’s in the topping.) Literally, we asked if there was coconut in it and he said “I don’t know” and walked away. No, not to find out if there was coconut in the brownie itself, but he just walked away. Umm… okay.

Overall, I thought the pizzas were pretty tasty – surprisingly so, since it’s gluten-free – and the salads also very good. The other dishes were less to my liking. If you have a gluten-free friend and want to eat somewhere, this place hits the mark. However, given that it’s far from me and I am not gluten-free, I doubt I’ll return. Basically… if you are looking to dine without gluten, this is a solid choice. Otherwise, I’d pass.

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Please note that I attended this press dinner courtesy of WILD’s press people. I was not obligated to post about it, nor did I receive monetary compensation to do so.


  1. CheeeeEEEEse says

    Sad looking top shot for pizza, but the upskirt is good looking. I’m such a fan of super thin crust. When I was living in Jersey there was this pizza place I used to go to every couple of weeks that operated out of the back of a bar (weird, I know) only on Friday and Saturday nights. It had super thin crust with cornmeal and I miss it dearly.

    • says

      The first time I went to Otto, the crust was thin enough to be considered a cracker imo. I did not care for it. I like it thin but not sooo thin that it’s no longer pizza in my head!

  2. says

    I have a gluten free friend and she tells me the pasta she eats is made from rice. Rice noodles are inherently more soft than wheat based ones.

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