Flushing Fun Run

Am I getting more impatient in my old age? I’ve done these a few times in the past, though I’ve only blogged it twice – here and here – but this time seemed particularly painful. Maybe it was because I didn’t eat that morning… but the ride from Flushing back home seemed to take FOREVER.

In any case, I am sad to say that I discovered the stalls underneath the LIRR station are gone! The entire thing is like they were never there – not a single stall remains. Weird.


All of the foods! This cost me about $17.


White Bear for wontons in chili oil. I’d been craving these for a while, so I ordered 20. I forget the exact cost but I remember that I calculated it while waiting; ordering the larger number is not a better deal, and they become squished in the box. I think you actually pay 25c more than you would if you ordered 12. Don’t do it.


Dan dan mian from White Bear. Suitably tasty but not winning any awards. My noodles actually were a little mushy, even. Maybe a pass next time.


Freshly steamed dried shrimp rice roll noodles from the window at Corner 28 (same place does the Peking duck buns). They were OK, but I’ll pass next time.


Daikon cake, also from the window at Corner 28. Eh. Not great. Not good, actually – not crispy at all and they didn’t give me any oyster sauce!


From the place across the street from the side of Starbucks: fried dumplings. Good flavor but thick dough, and confusing to order if you don’t speak Chinese.


Curry fishballs – from the place on the corner across from Starbucks, I think… at the end of the block from Corner 28.

I obviously had a hunger problem this time, eyes bigger than my stomach. I didn’t eat anywhere near all of it – this lasted me a few days and meals. I’m a little sad to say that I really missed the mark with most of my choices – minus the White Bear wontons – and really need to revisit this Flushing Fun Run to correct my missteps… wah…

More regular posting to resume tomorrow or Thursday.

Until then~ happy eating!


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      I’ve only had dan dan noodles at a handful of places actually. This place, a place near Grand Central, and Wu Liang Ye… and I’ve only ever taken them to go from White Bear. So I can’t really say; the few times I’ve gotten them from White Bear and taken them to go, they’ve been okay within a short time frame (eat within 30 minutes is okay, any longer sometimes the stuff inside starts to change texture). I need to eat more dan dan noodles… actually I really want to get them from Wu Liang Ye again because I recall them being sooooooo freaking good.

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