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Just one more omakase birthday post… my bestie, BFF, biffle, LTS / Little Twin Star, one of the absolute best people in the world, my heart, my soul mate, the one who understands me more than anyone else… took me to Sushi Seki for my birthday. Because it sounds like Sushi Sexy.

And that’s what we are – two sexy bishes.

We sat at the sushi bar and knew what we wanted, so we ordered and the parade of food began.

Sushi Seki 01.jpgSushi Seki 02.jpg

First up, our sashimi plate, from left to right: fresh Kumamoto oyster topped with citrus; fatty tuna; King salmon marinated overnight in soy and sake; herring with miso sauce. The oyster, super fresh on its own, elevated by the citrus; fatty tuna, giving way in my mouth to the delightful creaminess of its flesh; the flakiness of the King salmon, accented by the savoriness imparted by marinating in soy sauce and sake; and finally, the tiny oily fish with the rich miso sauce working well as closing bites.

This just excited me for the rest of what was to come!

Sushi Seki 03.jpg

Chopped up toro, with some of the chef’s sauce dabbed lightly on. Deliciously fatty, but with the rice and the sauce, different from the sashimi.

Sushi Seki 04.jpg

Our next piece: yellowtail with jalapeno, which is a fairly classic pairing it seems. I enjoyed the light kick from the jalapeno, without it overwhelming the fish’s flavor.

Sushi Seki 05.jpg

Thai red snapper with sea salt – another piece of fish, prepared simply so as to let all the natural flavors shine.

Unfortunately, though my notes say what the next piece was, I don’t appear to have a photo of it – even though I am positive I took a picture! In any case, I actually heard other people specifically ordering this – salmon & tomato – which sounds maybe a bit different for a sushi place, and it was, but it somehow really worked. The sweetness of the tomato played off the luxuriousness of the creamy salmon, and just worked. I really enjoyed that piece – wish I had a photo of it!

Sushi Seki 06.jpg Sushi Seki 07.jpg

When this landed in front of us, biffle and I stared. Once I whispered “it looks like a huge beetle” it couldn’t be un-seen. We just stared. And stared. This was shrimp – I believe tiger shrimp – but the likeness to a giant beetle was just so uncanny! After I’d taken my pictures, we both looked each other in the eye, and dove in – and were rewarded by not beetle! but rather, a very meaty tail of shrimp, with the texture of very good lobster. Yum.

Sushi Seki 08.jpg

Tuna with what looks like tomatillo or something like that, with a horseradish foam – my notes say “tuna – toe sauce” – and I am afraid to figure out what that means. I recall thinking that it was interesting to have a creamy sauce on top of raw fish, but I liked the interplay of textures and the flavors worked – even though I can’t seem to fully recall what “toe sauce” means.

Sushi Seki 09.jpg

Snow crab, topped with crispy bites – really sweet, with a nice textural contrast in the crisp bits on top.

Hm, my notes say “scallop” here but I do not have a photo of a scallop sushi. What a shame – I know it was deliciously fresh though!

Sushi Seki 10.jpg

Chopped eel on top of avocado… like a deconstructed eel avocado roll. Really tasty, if a bit interesting to eat! Yes, I stuffed the entire thing in my mouth.

Sushi Seki 11.jpg

Spicy scallop handroll was our last sushi of the night – handed to us each just like that, I found this spicy chewy hand-held last piece to be the perfect end… to the savory portion!

Sushi Seki 12.jpg

Because what is birthday without cake? It isn’t, that’s what. Green tea crepe cake (because I like commonality and themes), not from Lady M, found its away to our table and we shared this deliciously light bite. It was the perfect end to a wonderful night with my biffle.

Thank you again for the absolutely lovely dinner and being my beautiful arm candy!!!ย  I love you!

Overall, I found Sushi Seki to offer super fresh fish with delicious takes on what they served. I wouldn’t hesitate to return – the chefs know what they are doing, and I had a fantastic time!

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  1. SkippyMom says

    I dont’ eat sushi, sorry – but I will say, it is always so pretty. And this just takes it over the top.

    Glad you had such a great birthday. I am going back to catch up on the glorious-ness of it all.

    Hugs my friend. Miss you!

  2. says

    Little Twin Star, that’s so cute! And I don’t want to say what the tiger shrimp looked like, but it doesn’t look a beetle to me.. Lastly, I want the chopped eel on top of avocado!

  3. irene aka LTS says

    You know, that’s EXACTLY why I picked this place! And omg, I laughed so hard when i got to the beetle part! Exactly how I remember it!

  4. mike says

    Loving the sushi birthday posts. The sauce on the tuna is probably a “tofu” sauce. That is one of their signature items.

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